CAD drawing references

Pitchglaze Mk. II Fixed Roof Window

Drawing RefDrawing Details
201-ASS-101Pitchglaze Mk. II General DimensionsPDFDXF
201-ASS-102Pitchglaze Mk. II Standard InstallationPDFDXF
201-ASS-103Pitchglaze Mk. II Sunken InstallationPDFDXF
201-ASS-104Pitchglaze Mk. II Raised InstallationPDFDXF
201-ASS-105Pitchglaze Mk. II Components ViewPDFDXF

Pitchvent Opening Roof Window

Drawing RefDrawing Details
 202-ASS-001General DimensionsPDFDXF
202-ASS-002Standard Install Sheet 1PDFDXF
202-ASS-002Standard Install Sheet 2NADXF
202-ASS-003Sunken Install Sheet 1PDFDXF
202-ASS-003Sunken Install Sheet 2NADXF
202-ASS-004Raised Install Sheet 1PDFDXF
202-ASS-004Raised Install Sheet 2NADXF
202-ASS-005Section ViewsPDFDXF
202-ASS-006Pitchvent Chain Actuated General Arrangement DetailsPDFNA
202-ASS-007Pitchvent Manual Crank General Arrangement DetailsPDFNA
202-ASS-008Pitchvent Rain Sensor PositioningPDFDXF
202-ASS-009Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF

Visionvent Ventilation Rooflight

Drawing RefDrawing Details
401-ASS-400VisionVent General Arrangement DetailsPDFNA
401-ASS-401Solo VisionVent Kerb DetailPDFDXF
401-ASS-402VisionVent Rain Sensor PositioningPDFDXF
401-ASS-403GV Standard VisionVent Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF
401-ASS-404Integrated Manual VisionVentPDFDXF
401-ASS-406Integrated VisionVentsPDFDXF
401-ASS-407Integrated VisionVents Section A-APDFDXF
401-ASS-408Integrated VisionVents Seciton B-BPDFDXF
401-ASS-409Solo Manual Vent Only DetailPDFDXF
401-ASS-410Maintenance Access Hatch DetailPDFDXF
401-ASS-411VisionVent Wall Abutment DetailPDFDXF
401-ASS-412Barge Mounted Vent Only (2 Pages)PDF NA
401-ASS-413Chain Actuated VentPDFDXF
401-ASS-414Chain Actuated Vent Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF
401-ASS-4152000x1100mm Maintenance Access HatchPDFDXF
401-ASS-416Section Through Unsupported VisionVentsPDFDXF
401-ASS-417VisionVent Thermostat Wiring DiagramPDFNA
401-ASS-418Solo Electric Vent Only VisionVent ElevationPDFDXF
401-ASS-419Chain Actuated Vent With Rain Sensor Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF

Flushglaze Fixed Rooflight

Drawing RefDrawing DetailsPDF DXF
402-ASS-001Double Glazed Flushglaze Kerb Mount DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-003Walk On Flushglaze Kerb Mount DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-004Flushglaze Wall Mount DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-008Walk On Flushglaze Wall Mount Mount Detail (Pitches Up To 5 Degrees)PDFDXF
402-ASS-013Pitched Flushglaze Head DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-014Double Glazed Flushglaze With Glass FinsPDFDXF
402-ASS-015Double Glazed Flushglaze With Back To Back AnglesPDFDXF
402-ASS-016Walk On Flushglaze Back To Back Angle DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-021Double Glazed Flushglaze With Silicone JointsPDFDXF
402-ASS-022Ridge FlushglazePDFDXF
402-ASS-023Fire Rated Flushglaze Kerb DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-024Triple Glazed FG Kerb Mount DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-035Triple Glazed Flushglaze With Glass FinsPDFDXF
402-ASS-037Triple Glazed Flushglaze With Silicone JointsPDFDXF
402-ASS-038Triple Glazed Flushglaze With Back To Back AnglesPDFDXF
402-ASS-039Triple Glaze Wall Mount DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-048Walk On Flushglaze With EPDM Membrane DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-050Internal Walk On FlushglazePDFDXF
402-ASS-051Flushglaze Kerb DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-052Circular Double Glazed Flushglaze Kerb DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-053Circular Walk On Flushglaze Kerb DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-054Circular Triple Glaze Flushglaze Kerb DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-055Circular Fire Rated Flushglaze Kerb DetailPDFDXF
402-ASS-056Standard Eaves Rooflight PDFPDF NA
402-ASS-056Standard Eaves Rooflight DXF Sheet 1NADXF
402-ASS-056Standard Eaves Rooflight DXF Sheet 2NADXF
402-ASS-056Standard Eaves Rooflight DXF Sheet 3NADXF
402-ASS-058Wall Abutment Detail (DGU) For Pitches Greater Than 5 DegreesPDFDXF
402-ASS-059Wall Abutment Detail (TGU) For Pitches Greater Than 5 DegreesPDFDXF
402-ASS-060Wall Abutment Detail (Walk On) For Pitches Greater Than 5 DegreesPDFDXF
 402-ASS-062Wall Abutment Detail (Walk-on) For Oversize UnitsPDFDXF
402-ASS-064Walk On Flushglaze Kerb Detail – Extra-Large Profile With EPDMPDFDXF

Pyramid Fixed Rooflight

Drawing RefDrawing DetailsPDF DXF
404-ASS-401Pyramid OverviewPDFNA
404-ASS-402Kerb DetailPDFDXF
404-ASS-403Section Through Square PyramidPDFDXF
404-ASS-404Section Through Elongated PyramidPDFDXF
404-ASS-405Section Through Pyramid Kerb FrameworkPDFDXF
404-ASS-406Section Through Square Pyramid Triple GlazePDFDXF
404-ASS-407Section Through Elongated Pyramid Triple GlazePDFDXF
404-ASS-408Section Through Pyramid Kerb Framework Triple GlazePDFDXF
404-ASS-409Octagonal Pyramid OverviewPDFNA
404-ASS-410Octagonal Kerb DetailPDFDXF
404-ASS-411Section Through Octagonal PyramidPDFDXF
404-ASS-412Section Through Octagonal Pyramid Triple GlazedPDFDXF
404-ASS-427GV Standard Pyramid Client Wiring Diagram (Downlighter Only)PDFDXF
404-ASS-428GV Standard Pyramid Trickle VentsPDFNA

xVent (AOV) Rooflight

Drawing RefDrawing Details
405-ASS-401Product OverviewPDFNA
405-ASS-402Section A-A Across The FallPDFDXF
405-ASS-403Section B-B Along The FallPDFDXF
405-ASS-404Detail C Section Across FallPDFDXF
405-ASS-405Kerb DetailPDFDXF
405-ASS-406Rain Sensor PositionsPDFNA
405-ASS-407GV Standard X-Vent Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF
405-ASS-408Product Overview (Integrated)PDFNA
405-ASS-409Integrated Section A-A (Across The Fall)PDFDXF
405-ASS-410Integrated Section B-B (Along The Fall)PDFDXF

Skydoor Access Rooflight

Drawing RefDrawing Details
406-ASS-401Product OverviewPDFNA
406-ASS-402Section A-A (Across The Fall)PDFDXF
406-ASS-403Section B-B (Along The Fall)PDFDXF
406-ASS-404Detail C (Section Through The Hinge Side)PDFDXF
406-ASS-405Kerb DetailPDFDXF
406-ASS-406Example Finishing DetailPDFDXF
406-ASS-407Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF
406-ASS-408Rain Sensor And External Keypad PositionsPDFNA
406-ASS-409Integrated Product OverviewPDFNA
406-ASS-410Integrated Section A-A (Across The Fall)PDFNA
406-ASS-411Integrated Section B-B (Along The Fall)PDFDXF
406-ASS-412Integrated Example Finishing DetailPDFDXF
406-ASS-413Section A-A (Across The Fall Triple Glaze)PDFDXF
406-ASS-414Section B-B (Along The Fall Triple Glaze)PDFDXF
406-ASS-415Detail C (Section Through The Hinge Side Triple Glaze)PDFDXF
406-ASS-416Integrated Section A-A (Across The Fall Triple Glazed)PDFDXF
406-ASS-417Integrated Section B-B (Along The Fall Triple Glaze)PDFDXF
406-ASS-418Exit Area ViewsPDFDXF

Skyhatch Access Rooflight

Drawing RefDrawing Details
407-ASS-001Skyhatch Electric General Arrangement DetailsPDFNA
407-ASS-002Skyhatch Electric Kerb DetailPDFDXF
407-ASS-003Skyhatch Electric Section A-APDFDXF
407-ASS-004Skyhatch Electric Section B-BPDFDXF
407-ASS-005Skyhatch Electric Detail CPDFDXF
407-ASS-006Skyhatch Electric Rain Sensor PositioningPDFNA
407-ASS-007Skyhatch Electric Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF
407-ASS-008Skyhatch Manual General Arrangement DetailsPDF NA
407-ASS-009Skyhatch Manual Section A-APDFDXF
407-ASS-010Skyhatch Manual Section B-BPDFDXF
407-ASS-011Skyhatch Manual Detail CPDFDXF

Skyglide Sliding Rooflight

Drawing RefDrawing Details
601-ASS-401Product OverviewPDF NA
601-ASS-402Kerb DetailPDFDXF
601-ASS-403Section A-A (Across The Fall)PDFDXF
601-ASS-404Section B-B (Along The Fall)PDFDXF
601-ASS-405Detail C (Section Along The Fall)PDFDXF
601-ASS-406Rain Sensor And External Keypad PositionsPDFNA
601-ASS-407GV Standard Skylight Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF
601-ASS-408Section A-A (Across The Fall Triple Glaze)PDFDXF
601-ASS-409Section B-B (Along The Fall Triple Glaze)PDFDXF
601-ASS-410Detail C (Section Along The Fall Triple Glaze)PDFDXF
601-ASS-411Section A-A (Across The Fall) Open PositionPDFDXF
601-ASS-412Section A-A (Across The Fall Triple Glaze) Open PositionPDF DXF

Sliding Over Roof Rooflight

Drawing RefDrawing Details
602-ASS-400Product OverviewPDFNA
602-ASS-401Rain Sensor And External Keypad PositionsPDFNA
602-ASS-402Kerb Details (Use With DWG 403)PDFDXF
602-ASS-403Sliding Over Roof Kerb Track Details (Use With 402)PDFDXF
602-ASS-404Section Through WidthPDFDXF
602-ASS-405Section Through SpanPDFDXF
602-ASS-406Detailed View DPDFDXF
602-ASS-407Section Through Width (Double Glazed)PDFDXF
602-ASS-408Sections Through Span (Double Glaze)PDFDXF
602-ASS-409Detailed View D (Double Glaze)PDFDXF
602-ASS-410GV Standard Sliding Over Roof Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF

Sliding Over Fixed Rooflight

Drawing RefDrawing Details
603-ASS-007Client WiringPDFDXF
603-ASS-400Product OverviewPDFNA
603-ASS-401Rain Sensor and External Keypad PositionsPDFNA
603-ASS-402Kerb DetailsPDFDXF
603-ASS-403Section Through WidthPDFDXF
603-ASS-404Section Through SpanPDFDXF
603-ASS-405Detailed Views B And C (Triple Glazed)PDFDXF
603-ASS-406Detailed View DPDFDXF
603-ASS-407Sections Through Width (Double Glaze)PDFDXF
603-ASS-408Sections Through Span (Double Glaze)PDFDXF
603-ASS-409Detailed Views B and C (Double Glaze)PDFDXF
603-ASS-410Detailed View D (Double Glaze)PDFDXF
603-ASS-411GV Standard Sliding Over Fixed Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF

Free Standing Box Rooflight

Drawing RefDrawing Details
607-ASS-001Free Standing Box Product OverviewPDFNA
607-ASS-002Kerb DetailPDFDXF
607-ASS-003Section A-APDFDXF
607-ASS-004Section B-BPDFDXF
607-ASS-005Section C-CPDFDXF
607-ASS-006Detail A-B-CPDFDXF
607-ASS-007Detail D-E-FPDFDXF
607-ASS-008Section A-A DGUPDFDXF
607-ASS-009Section B-B DGUPDFDXF
607-ASS-010Section C-C DGUPDFDXF
607-ASS-011Detail A-B-CPDFDXF
607-ASS-012Detail D-E-F DGUPDFDXF
607-ASS-013Client Wiring DiagramPDFDXF

Three Wall Box Rooflight


Drawing RefDrawing Details
607-ASS-2013 Wall Box Product OverviewPDFNA
607-ASS-2023 Wall Kerb DetailPDFDXF
607-ASS-2033 Wall Section A-APDFDXF
607-ASS-2043 Wall Section B-BPDFDXF
607-ASS-2053 Wall Section C-CPDFDXF
607-ASS-2063 Wall Detail A-BPDFDXF
607-ASS-2073 Wall Detail C-D-EPDFDXF
607-ASS-2083 Wall Section A-A DGUPDFDXF
607-ASS-2093 Wall Section B-B DGUPDFDXF
607-ASS-2103 Wall Section C-C DGUPDFDXF
607-ASS-2113 Wall Detail A-B DGUPDFDXF
607-ASS-2123 Wall Detail C-D-E DGUPDFDXF
607-ASS-2143 Wall Detail F-G DGUPDFDXF