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Key Features:

  • Terrace access Skybox rooflight
  • Glazed on all sides
  • Conforms to UK door width regulations
  • No additional balustrades required
  • Operates via wall switch supplied
  • Improved manual override
  • Weather tested to BS EN 12207
  • BS EN 12208 + BS EN 12210
  • Available in bespoke configurations and glass specifications


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The freestanding Skybox rooflight has been created with an improved framework design, leading to larger sizes without compromising on performance. Box rooflights can be manufactured in a variety of configurations but will generally consist of one sliding section of glass moving over a fixed section.

The specification of glazing used and physical structure of the design means that there is no additional requirement for balustrades around the rooflight. Weather tested by Vinci to ensure the highest level of security, the Skybox has undergone air permeability testing, water tightness and resistance to wind load testing.

We manufacture two standard configurations, a freestanding box which features glazing on all sides and a Three Wall Box which is designed to be shrouded by the walls of the building itself on three sides. Our latest generation of Skybox rooflights are all available with high performance triple glazing and thermally broken framework so you can be assured that the thermal performance of this unit is unrivaled in its class.

Built in proximity detectors are available as a standard option and should be considered essential with access products. Security has been upgraded with the standard addition of solenoid security bolts ensuring that the rooflight remains secure in all situations. Glazing Vision Skybox rooflights offer full connectivity to rain sensors, thermostat, remote control and Building Management Systems.


Available with high performance triple glazing and thermally broken framework

Built in proximity detectors are available as a standard option 


Weather tested to BS EN 12207, BS EN 12208 + BS EN 12210

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