Skydoor Hinged Access Rooflight

The Glazing Vision Skydoor is a sleek, low-profile hinged opening skylight that embodies our minimise framework, maximise daylight principle. With just a press of a button you have comfortable, easy access to the terrace or roof space in less than a minute. It’s quiet too: intelligent actuators ensure synchronized operation between the two supporting mechanisms, so the Skydoor opens to a maximum 87 degrees in one fluid, trouble-free motion.

If you just want a flow of fresh air for ventilation, you can hold the open/close button down until you reach the angle you’re after, or touch once and press again when you want the window to stop. Simple.

What’s not so simple is the engineering know-how that’s gone into the rooflight design. We’ve included an overload cut-off, thermally broken frame, dual-colour powder coated finish and a built-in proximity detector for user safety. All control electronics, mechanisms and power supply are completely hidden within the framework. Clean lines and clear views in and out.

Take a look at the our Skydoor Hinged Access Rooflight specification details below.

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