Box Rooflights

For the ultimate in terrace access we manufacture sliding box skylights with 50%-clear openings. We’ve installed free-standing box rooflights, our standard three-wall versions and even custom-built box rooflights fixed to two walls or one, on roof terraces all over the world.

It’s your roof, so why not get involved in the design? You can specify bi-parting, stacking, or slide the glass over the terrace itself to provide a 100% clear opening.

Flush glazed leading edges allow water run-off and easy cleaning, while maintaining maximum security.

As with our flat sliding rooflights, the box skylights are quiet in operation and have built in electronic solid-state controls with battery backup, manual override, speed control and creep sealing as standard. Every unit is factory-preassembled and tested, and can usually be craned into position, fitted and commissioned within a day.