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Our vision is simple. We want to become carbon neutral, and then carbon negative. To help this, we are committed to enhancing the sustainability of all our products and their manufacture: from design and development and materials purchased for the production process, to the way that we wrap and pack our products.

We also seek to help our customers meet their sustainabilty goals. Our products help the wellbeing of our customers by allowing them to embrace light, air and space within their environments, using our expertise to help transform everyday spaces whilst providing the comfort of thermal efficiency and energy saving opportunities for home-owners from installation of our contemporary and certificated rooflights. Our Technical Specification Managers will help you identify the best thermal efficiency rooflight for your project.

We are continuously seeking ways to reduce waste and energy usage throughout the business, for example, by installing a large solar array on our office building, use of movement-sensitive lighting, and change to LED lighting. Our waste segregation streams cover all production functions and include metal, glass, cardboard, paper and food waste allowing us to send zero waste to landfill.

Glazing Vision carefully consider the carbon footprint that our products and their manufacture will leave on the environment throughout their lifecycle. Our full strategy for achieving carbon neutrality is under development, the first stage in our journey towards reaching net zero.


We are committed to maintaining the high standards of our products and work closely with our suppliers to build a transparent, resilient and sustainable supply chain both within the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our designers fully understand our materials, and our purchasing team have knowledge of how best to purchase them. When combined with the experience of our production staff, we maximise use of the materials we purchase and reduce wastage to as low as possible. Additionally, our powder coating plant for aluminium extrusions uses a non-chromate pre-treatment to reduce our impact on the environment.

Key materials are delivered in metal stillages and cages which are re-used many times over during their lifetime, delivering significant reductions in packaging and preventing landfill waste.

We are in the fortunate position of being able to recycle glass and aluminium offcuts, and there is clear waste segregation throughout the business, always with the aim of recycling as much as possible. We monitor and measure the waste that we create and any opportunities to increase recycling are linked to our annual environmental objectives, ensuring we go from strength to strength. A change in waste collector from 1st June 2021 has seen significant increase in the quantity of waste recycled and we are pleased to report that we have sent zero waste to landfill since, a trend which we are very keen to continue.



We monitor our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions (although we are not obliged to report on them) and are now seeking to use that data to create further reductions. Additionally, we generate electricity through the large solar array installation and  purchase energy generated from renewable resources. Electric vehicle charge points are also planned to be installed at our head office to help drive the future changes for vehicles.



The design of our rooflights mean that almost every component is widely accepted at local recycling depots when the product reaches end of life.  Combined with a life expectancy of at least 20 years in non-corrosive environments (as certified by the British Board of Agrémont, certificate 12/4895) and with simple maintenance procedures, you know that you can expect the best from your rooflight through its entire lifecycle.


Non Chromate Paint Plant

Chromium is added to paints and primers, to reduce corrosion and add a desired reflection on aluminium. This compound is used on such things as planes and steel bridges, or in our case rooflights. It is a highly dangerous substance and has been known to cause Lung Cancer to workers who use it without the correct PPE, it also heavily pollutes the atmosphere. Hence this Glazing Vision became the only rooflight manufacturer to have our very own non chromate paint plant in our 65,000 square foot factory in Diss, Norfolk. This helps the environment massively, with a massive decrease in carbon emissions, and pollution in general.


Environmental, Social and Governance

Glazing Vision are committed to our Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities. Read our full ESG Statement here.



  • 0% waste to landfill at our Diss manufacturing site
  • 100% of our waste is recycled or waste to energy recovered
  • 8 tonnes of carbon saved by diverting waste from landfill since June 2021


  • 100% of a Flushglaze rooflight is recyclable at end of life
  • 98% of all rooflight components are recyclable
  • Our Standard Range products are wrapped using 100% recyclable packaging
  • Powder coating plant for aluminium extrusions uses a non-chromate pre-treatment to reduce our impact on the environment
  • Key materials delivered in metal stillages and cages and re-used many times over
  • 7 tonnes of carbon saved through glass stillage reuse in 2021


  • Solar array generates 170,000 kilowatt hours of renewable green electricity annually
  • Green electricity purchased from a UK energy provider
  • Energy Saving Programme achieved 11% reduction in electricity consumption in Quarter 4 2021 compared to prior year giving a carbon saving of 2.9 tonnes


  • Bee orchids flowering on site
  • Wildflower areas set aside for 2022
  • Wildlife friendly gardening

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