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Rooflights are an ideal solution for creating wind driven ventilation within your design and is most effective when the rooflight is combined with another opening on a different side of the building.

Wind creates a pressure difference and the two openings allow air to circulate through the building, commonly referred to as ‘cross ventilation’. Combined with a 3m floor to ceiling height, spaces up to 15m deep can be effectively ventilated by using this method.

large sliding rooflight installed in hotel with a view of the blue sky through

Creating a 'wow factor'

Rooflights can also increase thermal comfort at night by allowing warm air to naturally radiate outside into the cooler evening air.

There are several ways of doing this, you could opt for a cost effective hinged ventilation unit such as the VisionVent or go for something more ambitious by including a sliding rooflight such as a sliding over fixed or sliding over roof.

Rooflights such as this offer complete control over the ventilation in a room but can also add that important wow factor as you press a button and your glass roof begins to retract.

Ventilation Rooflight Inspiration

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