Looking for off-the-shelf rooflights?

Visit our online rooflight shop, rooflights.com


Do you hold any rooflights in stock?

Yes, we hold a range of rooflights on the shelf ex-stock via our online shop

Do you sell blinds?

Yes, Glazing Vision work in partnership with Topshade who can provide systems for use with our rooflights.

What height should I construct my upstands?

150mm minimum to ensure your unit is fully weatherproofed.

Do you sell Polycarb rooflights?

Glazing Vision specialise in hand crafted glass rooflights only.

Are your rooflights CE marked?

Currently there is no harmonised European standard for the CE marking of glass rooflights so our products cannot be CE marked. Our only product that requires this is the xVent (AOV/Smoke Vent) which is fully certified. Glazing Vision are active member of NARM (National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers) who are pushing the industry for a recognised standard for all rooflight manufacturers to comply with.

Are you registered with FENSA?

FENSA covers windows and doors, not rooflights.

Can I visit Glazing Vision and see the rooflights up close prior to purchase?

Yes, we welcome visitors to our UK manufacturing facility by prior appointment.

Do you manufacture your own product or is it imported?

Glazing Vision are very proud that all of our rooflights are designed and assembled in our UK factory in Diss, Norfolk.

Do you supply solar control glass?

Yes we do – Glazing Vision can supply solar control glass in various specifications to suit your requirements, please get in touch with our Technical Sales team who will be happy to advise.

Are your rooflights compatible with all roof finishes?

Glazing Vision rooflights have been designed to work with most known roof finishes such as felt, Sarnafil, standing seam, green roofs, tiled, decked areas. If you are unsure please contact our Technical Sales team for further assistance.

What width should I construct my upstands?

This depends on the type of unit proposed, Flushglaze units require a minimum 75mm and VisionVents 100mm but other products require wider up-stands, please visit Glazing Vision resource centre for further details or contact our Technical Sales team who will be happy to assist.

Do you have standard drawings for your rooflights?

Yes, please visit our resource centre where we hold full details of our standard range in PDF, and DXF format.

Do you sell doors, windows or balustrades?

Glazing Vision specialise in the design and manufacture of glass rooflights only.

Can I just order the glass and make my own rooflight?

To maintain quality standards Glazing Vision assemble the entire unit, the glass is structurally bonded into the frame in our factory and the rooflight is supplied complete so we are unable to supply glass only.

How large can my rooflight be without framework?

Your rooflight will always need a perimeter frame but for fixed rooflights we can manufacture units up to approximately 5m2 without the requirement for any additional supporting framework. Other unit types vary so please contact our Technical Sales team to discuss your requirements.

Do you supply toughened safety glass?

Yes, Glazing Visions standard specification is 6mm Heat Soak Tested Toughened Low E Safety Glass, we supply heat soak tested glass as standard as this increased specification reduces the chances of spontaneous combustion due to Nickel Sulphide inclusions.

How long will my order take to be manufactured?

Typically lead time for standard products is four weeks, for sliding or box rooflights its eight weeks. Rooflights which require bespoke design can take longer and we usually provide details of this when providing a quote.

What colours can I have?

We offer RAL7015 Slate Grey as standard and where dual coloured RAL9010 Pure White internals, other colours are available on request from the RAL colour chart but do cost a little more as they have to be powder coated separately.

Do you install?

Yes, Glazing Visions highly trained fitters can install and where necessary, commission your rooflight – we offer an extended warranty for all GV installations.

Do you deliver?

Yes, Glazing Vision provide kerbside delivery to mainland UK. We can also offer kerbside delivery to most of Europe and for longer distances or orders to the US we usually ship to port.

If you are unsure please contact our Technical Sales team who can provide further information.

Where do I measure to?

We require the measurement taken from the face of the external weathered upstand, in the case of wall abutments measure from the wall to opposing external weathered upstand.

Do you supply the upstands?

Glazing Vision do not supply the upstand as this commonly forms part of the building fabric itself and there are many variances to take into account. We do have comprehensive drawings which detail our requirements – please visit our resource section where you can download in either PDF or DXF format.

Do you supply self-cleaning glass?

‘Self-Cleaning’ glass is only suitable for pitches of 15 degrees or over, we provide an alternative called Enduroshield Easy Clean which is similar in many respects and can be applied in our factory.

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