Hinged Rooflights

Hinged rooflights can be used for ventilation, maintenance access, or to access terraces and roof decks. Glazing Vision manufacture three different rooflight types to suit each of these applications.

Our Visionvent range enables you to introduce natural daylight and ventilation into your space, these are particularly effective in kitchens or bathrooms where cooking smells or humidity levels may be higher. Improving cross ventilation in your building will help circulate the air, resulting in a more comfortable living or work environment. We supply manually operated, chain actuated and electrically operated versions.

Our Skyhatch rooflights are designed to allow maintenance access to a roof space. We offer a cost effective, manually operated version with spring assisted opening, and also an electrically powered version. Both open out to almost 90° for ease of access.

The Glazing Vision Skydoor is a fully powered glass door for your roof. It opens at the touch of a button and is large enough to fit a full width stair beneath. This unit can be used to allow regular access to a roof space or terrace, but can also be partially opened for ventilation only.