Hinged Rooflights

Glazing Vision offer the VisionVent® range and the Skydoor for hinged ventilation and access.

There are four different standard VisionVent® skylights. For ventilation only, choose between our manually hinged vent-only skylight and the electric ventilation skylight. Our manual model opens using a simple screw jack and pole mechanism. Our electrically hinged vent-only rooflight uses twin-drive synchronised mechanics with encoder feedback to open it automatically at the touch of a button.

The electrically hinged VisionVent® is an intelligent vent-only unit that uses state of the art electronics to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation. It is secure in design and cannot be back-driven thanks to clever motor gearing reduction. It’s operated using a wall switch.

For occasional access to the roof, choose between our affordable manual access hatch and the VisionVent® electrically hinged vent access rooflight. It’s a dual function skylight guided by the same technologies as the vent-only version, but with the option to disengage the drive mechanism and open the skylight out to almost 90 degrees, assisted by built-in gas struts.

For regular access to a roof, such as a roof terrace, Skydoor is the perfect solution. It’s a low profile, one touch operation hinged access rooflight with built integrated infa red proximity detectors.