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A choice of pitched rooflights

Glazing Vision offers a variety of products suitable for residential houses and penthouse flats. They have minimalist appearances and energy-efficient designs and provide maximum daylight. Many options have no visible internal structure. 

  • Pitchglaze is a range of fixed roof windows that can be manufactured in much larger sizes than traditional variants. 
  • Pitchridge comprises two panes joined at the roof ridge.
  • Pitchvent can be opened and closed to provide ventilation and prevent overheating, while also providing natural daylight. 

All Glazing Vision rooflights have an aluminium structure with a Qualicoat-approved polyester powder-coated finish. All our windows also include toughened low-E safety glass as standard, and there is a choice of double or triple glazing. Where a harmonised standard applies, products have UKCA and CE marks. 

Depending on requirements and preferences, our pitched roof windows can be fixed or hinged with a choice of manual or chain-actuated operation.

Pitched rooflights with no need for an upstand

Most rooflights require the installation of an upstand to ensure adequate support and weather protection. Unfortunately, upstands can disrupt the appearance of pitched roofs and create a place for debris, such as leaves, to accumulate.

Glazing Vision’s roof windows are slightly different in terms of form and function as defined under EN 14351-1:2006. They are designed to be installed in the same orientation and plane as the surrounding roof, with no need for an upstand. 

The in-plane design of Glazing Vision’s pitched rooflights means that the roof’s profile can be maintained for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance outside, while the interior has a frameless design so occupants can enjoy sky-only views and maximum daylighting.

Natural daylighting with pitched rooflights

One of the main benefits of rooflights – and the primary reason they are often specified – is the large amount of natural light they can bring into an interior. Natural daylighting offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Making spaces brighter and feel more spacious
  • Having a positive impact on occupants’ mood and wellbeing
  • Promoting better sleep cycles
  • Reducing reliance on electrical lighting

Daylighting with rooflights also gives a residential home a more luxurious feel, adding to the property’s overall value and making it more attractive to buyers.

More than daylighting: other benefits of pitched rooflights

Rooflights are popular because they fill living spaces with natural light and create elegant focal points that enhance the interior design, giving it the “wow factor”, but they also offer a variety of functional advantages for specifiers.

  • Energy efficiency – As well as the savings from maximising natural lighting, our rooflights are also designed to provide excellent thermal efficiency. Made using low-E insulative glass, they help to prevent heat loss in the winter.
  • Minimalist aesthetics – Our rooflights feature non-obtrusive profiles with no external capping. Depending on the model, there’s also no, or minimal, internal framework, providing a stylish and unobtrusive appearance both inside and out.
  • Safety – As standard, all our rooflights use heat-soak tested safety glass.
  • Weather resistance – Designed to achieve maximum protection from the elements, our pitched rooflights ensure rainwater runs off quickly. And since there are no upstands, there’s no need to worry about pooling or the build-up of debris that can lead to damage or moisture ingress.
  • Standard and bespoke products – Our wide range of standard products includes a variety of standard sizes and glass specifications. And if you’re looking for something specific, our team can work with you to create bespoke products that meet your exact requirements.
roof window in Pitched roof above kitchen

Bespoke pitched rooflights and technical support

As a UK-based manufacturer of rooflights and roof windows, Glazing Vision offers a wide range of standard products, and we can also adapt our products to suit bespoke requirements. 

All our pitched rooflights are extensively tested to ensure reliability and performance, including:

  • Air permeability EN12207
  • Water ingress EN12208
  • Wind Resistance EN12210
  • Spread of Fire EN13501

Our design team can provide assistance and expert guidance for your project, as well as CAD designs, technical details, U-values and performance assessments.