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Bespoke glass multipart Eaves

Meeting Commercial Needs

Rooflights for commercial premises often have to perform a variety of functions, in addition to natural daylight and natural ventilation. This may be in the form of maintenance access to a roof space or as a fire safety rooflight tasked with allowing smoke to escape a building in the event of a fire. Specialist commercial rooflights can be used to generate power with integrated photo-voltaic cells. They usually differ in scale too, with larger, more complex and expensive designs providing a focal point in contemporary building design.

Vision to Reality

Most of the architects, builders and engineers we work with like us to be there from the beginning, getting involved in the earliest concept work and drawings so they can be certain that their vision becomes reality. Experience counts, our sales team are all from technical specification backgrounds, many have spent their entire careers within the construction and fenestration industries.

Dedicated Support

We also employ a dedicated project management and bespoke design team. Once an initial order has been placed, they will look after your project until it’s installed on site and ensure you have a single point of contact. This level of expertise is critical to successfully delivering large commercial developments, on time and on budget. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure everything rooflight related runs as smoothly as possible

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