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Extending upwards

Making the most of useable space in your building can yield big rewards. In London the presence of a roof terrace or balcony typically adds 12% to the value of a property, rising to as much as 25% in coveted Chelsea.

Roof terraces and gardens are often more private and less likely to be overlooked, and they can offer outstanding views of the city where space is at a premium. We offer a range of access rooflights including the Skydoor Hinged Access Rooflight, the Three Wall Box Rooflight, and the Free Standing Skybox Rooflight.


The Skydoor is our most popular hinged access rooflight and is designed for day to day access to your roof space, ideal for terrace areas on flat roofs. Operated by our intelligent LED control switch, the unit will respond to both one touch and press and hold requests. The Skydoor opens out to an impressive 87° at full travel by means of synchronised dual actuators but you can also stop the unit at any point mid travel which means it can be used as a natural ventilation rooflight too.

Safety features include current override sensors, anti slip threshold tread plate and also a three point thru beam proximity detector system which will sense any movement beneath the opening section when in motion and prevent the lid from closing until the switch is engaged again.

three wall skybox


Our Three Wall Box configuration is one of the most popular and can offer an almost seamless integration into the fabric of your building.We have manufactured and installed countless numbers of these units, predominantly in urban city environments where space is limited and home owners turn to maximising their roof space.

Glazing Vision Free Standing Box Rooflight Skybox


Our Free Standing Box Rooflight is the perfect solution if you’re looking for easy access to your roof terrace. Operated at the touch of a button, the user simply climbs the stairs whilst the rooflight is retracting into its open position and then walks straight out onto the terrace.

The freestanding Skybox rooflight has been created with an improved framework design, leading to larges sizes without compromising on performance. Box rooflights can be manufactured in a variety of configurations but will generally consist of one sliding section of glass moving over a fixed section. The specification of glazing used and physical structure of the design means that there is no additional requirement for balustrades around the rooflight.

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