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A choice of flat rooflight products

Glazing Vision’s range of rooflights boasts a minimalist aesthetic, creating a streamlined and attractive finish for any project, inside and out, and ensuring maximum daylight penetration. 

Our flexible system offers an elegant simplicity perfect for modern homes. Options include:

  • Fixed rooflights – Minimalist fixed rooflights with ‘frameless’ internal views.
  • Sliding rooflights – Bring natural daylight and natural ventilation into your home.
  • Hinged rooflights – Can provide ventilation, maintenance access or access terraces and roof decks.
  • Box rooflights – Create a striking visual element, as well as easy access for roof terraces.
  • Fire-rated and AOV rooflights – Rooflights can achieve up to 30 minutes insulation and 30 minutes integrity in case of fire, while automatic opening vents (AOVs) allow smoke out of the building.
  • Pyramid rooflights – These offer contemporary style and maximum daylighting.

As well as daylighting, our rooflights can be used to provide roof access, comfort ventilation and AOV for smoke ventilation. Walk-on designs can also be accommodated. They are designed to be energy efficient, with toughened low-E glass as standard and a choice of double or triple glazing. 

Depending on requirements, they can be constructed as multipart systems for a frameless appearance across a wide span, or eaves systems that combine the overhead rooflight with a vertical glazed section.

Glazing Vision Flushglaze rooflight installed on a flat roof next to a modern penthouse building

Flat rooflights with low-profile upstands

The most important considerations for any rooflight are its elevation from the roof and rainwater run-off. Planning regulations can leave little room for manoeuvring, which is one of the reasons Glazing Vision products are a popular choice. 

We have carefully designed our products to have minimum visual impact and low profiles, keeping local planning authorities and the neighbours happy while ensuring the building remains watertight.

All of our rooflights are designed to fit on an upstand measuring just 150mm high, providing a non-obtrusive profile that keeps the weather out.

Glazing Vision Flushglaze Eaves rooflight installed in living room by a chair and pillow

The benefits of natural daylight

There are many reasons why rooflights might be specified, but their primary purpose is to fill a space with natural daylight. While there are no national regulations or standards that require natural light, the benefits in terms of aesthetics and occupant wellbeing cannot be ignored. Natural daylight will:

  • Make spaces brighter and more welcoming
  • Improve occupants’ mood, concentration and health
  • Influence sleep cycles due to a more regulated circadian rhythm
  • Reduce energy bills due to less reliance on artificial lighting

Incorporating natural daylight into the design of residential homes can also enhance the property’s ambience, increasing its value and making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Glazing Vision Flushglaze rooflight installed in room over cupboard

Beyond daylight – Additional benefits of flat rooflights

While daylight may be the main advantage of specifying flat rooflights, Glazing Vision products bring additional benefits to a property.

  • Creating a“wow” factor inside and out – With their non-obtrusive profiles, no external capping and no internally visible framework, our flat rooflights are an aesthetically pleasing addition to the home, elevating both its interior and exterior.
  • Effective rainwater run-off – Designed for low-pitch and flat roofs, our rooflights ensure rainwater runs off quickly, preventing pooling and moisture ingress.
  • Secure – For additional peace of mind, we offer a variety of rooflights accredited by Secured by Design to LPS 2081 Issue 1: 2015.
  • Safe – All of our rooflights use heat-soak tested safety glass as standard.
  • Energy efficient – Natural daylight can reduce electricity use during the day, and our flat rooflights are highly energy efficient, with low-E insulative glass as standard, minimising excess heat loss during the colder months.
  • BBA certified – Flushglaze rooflights are BBA approved, demonstrating that they meet the necessary performance and safety standards. 
  • Products to suit your project – From standard sizes and glass specifications to fully bespoke shapes and sizes, our flat rooflights can be provided to meet your project requirements.
three men walking along the path in a rooflight factory wearing suits and looking at each other

Glazing Vision's technical support

Glazing Vision’s expert design and project teams offer technical support and guidance throughout your entire project. We work closely with architects on bespoke fixed rooflight design to outline their clients’ expectations and turn an idea into a reality.

Whatever your requirements, our team will guide you through the process, providing CAD designs, technical details and assessments to ensure that the flat rooflights you specify deliver in terms of both performance and aesthetics.