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EnduroShield can be used on any of our rooflights. Your glass will stay cleaner
for longer between cleans, especially those that are hard to reach. Ask one of our Technical Specification Managers for more information to ensure your glass remains protected and easy to clean for years to come.

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EnduroShield-treated glass is low maintenance which significantly reduces the frequency of routine cleaning, and much easier to clean, reduces cleaning time by 90% compared to untreated glass. Your glass will stay cleaner, for longer. EnduroShield is not a traditional treatment that simply sits on top of the surface, but instead permanently bonds to the surface, meaning that it is so durable it does not require any revitalizer products for upkeep and can only be removed by abrasion or strong acids and alkalis. Surfaces treated with EnduroShield have a protective barrier whereby water and contaminants are prevented from soaking in and will instead bead up on top of the coating. EnduroShield hold their product to a true performance warranty backed by one of the world’s leading independent testing and certification houses, TÜV Rheinland in Germany. Contact us to learn more about how we use the product.