Public Buildings

Designers and researchers often discuss natural daylight in relation to energy saving, aesthetic and health benefits. As well as increased daylight being associated with energy efficiency, natural light also promotes well-being and performance levels, which can lead to improved the productivity within public building environments.

In the education sector daylight has been proven to improve student performance and concentration levels, whilst natural light aids the healing process in the healthcare sector. Daylight in public buildings such as leisure facilities have also recognised the popularity of sunrooms in the home, and have replicated this accordingly.

Rooflights on public buildings can throw up additional design and specification challenges. That’s why main contractors and architects alike come to us. We’ve designed and installed bespoke skylights on the roofs of countless schools, museums, universities, libraries, art galleries and other public buildings such as gym’s and even churches.

We’re used to the more demanding stipulations of public building roof design. Often specialist glass has to be provided to protect valuable content housed within the building. And where public safety is concerned, such as crowd loading for walk-on glass roofs, or overhead laminated glazing in schools and hospitals, we ensure that everything we supply is fit for purpose and perfect for its new environment.


glazing vision rooflight over gym public buildings