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Step 1: Submit your plans to us

By submitting your plans to us, it allows us to ensure that we quote for a rooflight that is fit for purpose and to complies with APPROVED DOCUMENT. Q. (Security – Dwellings) of the Building Regulations 2010.

Technical Specification Managers

Once we receive your plans, your local Technical Specification Manager will be in contact to run through all the design implications of your bespoke rooflight. They will be able discuss with you considerations on glass specifications, structural loadings, thermal performance etc.

Design drawings completed & approval

Once an order has been signed, our talented CAD design team will take control, and provide detailed GA drawings to be submitted back to you for approval.

Manufacture & Installation

Once the General Arrangement (GA) drawings have been approved, our UK manufacturing team will transform that design into real life. Our installation team have plenty of experience, ensuring the best result for your project.

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