Flushglaze Fixed Rooflight

The Flushglaze® rooflight is the embodiment of our minimise framework, maximise daylight ethos: frameless on the inside, clean and contemporary on the outside. There are no bulky capping systems so it won’t trap dirt and spoil the view. You can choose Flushglaze® rooflights in virtually any shape you like – rectangular and circular are just our standard options. You can also choose from single pitch, dual pitch, double or triple glazed, choose heated glass, switchable glass or have our engineers calculate the glass specification needed to make your flat roof glazing suitable for walking across. We also offer a wall-abutted rooflight that can be secured to walls on up to three sides. Want to create a wide expanse of daylight?

Our Flushglaze® Fixed Rooflight range is available in three standard options, Flushglaze, Flushglaze Wall Abutted, Flushglaze Circular, take a look at the specification details below.

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