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Project Details:

5 years ago, owners of an idyllic holiday home located in Lake St Clair, Michigan, were looking to access their roof terrace space in order to entertain holiday makers and guests whilst allowing them to soak in the breath-taking views of the freshwater lake which lies between the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of Michigan.

After contacting Glazing Vision and discussing the homeowners’ requirements, our sleek and streamlined Skydoor Rooflight was specified which has given easy access to the roof space. This has allowed the homeowners to enjoy sunrises, sunsets, cocktails, and drinks under the full moon creating the ultimate gathering space!

The Skydoor also provides a vast amount of natural light to the home, along with supplying a convenient way of circulating air throughout the cottage on hot summer days.

The hinged rooflight contains safety features including current override sensors, anti-slip threshold tread plate, and a three point thru beam proximity detector system which will sense any movement beneath the opening section when in motion and prevent the lid from closing until the switch is engaged again. With the weather in Michigan being unpredictable, the client also chose to include the optional extra of rain sensors which combat these harsh weather conditions.

“I feel incredibly safe with children as the motion sensors detect any obstruction, even a simple cobweb! The door itself seals shut with such conviction, and I’ve never had any issues during torrential rains or snow showers. I can rely on my Skydoor as much now as when I bought it over 5 years ago.”- Marina Southers – Homeowner

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the clients on this wonderful home, and we are thrilled that Glazing Vision could help bring their vision alive.


“From start to finish, the level of detail in the Skydoor is reflected in the management staff and engineers.  From educating me on the brand, to discussing what would be the most favorable design with my architect, to pulling it all together in person with my builder. Glazing Vision is simply outstanding.” – Marina Southers – Homeowner

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Technical Corner

Skydoor Hinged Access Rooflight

Size: 53-3/4″ (span) x 118-1/4″ (width)
Weight: 416kg
Pitch: Manufactured to suit an installation pitch of 5/8 : 12
Outer Colour: RAL7015 Slate Grey Matt
Inner Colour: RAL9010 Pure White Matt
Glass Specification: 1-5/16″ double glazed unit (silicone sealed) comprising of 1/4″ HST Tempered Solar Control (LT70) 5/8″ Argon, Black warm edge spacer, silicone sealed 3/16″ – 060 – 3/16″ Heat strengthened PVB Laminated.

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