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Project Details:

Situated in the trendy and bustling Czar Peter district of Amsterdam, the former primary school on Blankenstraat, has been imaginatively yet sensitively converted into an impressive mixed-use building housing loft apartments and offices. Urban roof terraces offer the apartment residents fabulous views over the city and were made possible through the installation of Glazing Vision’s Hinged rooflights.

Typical of many old public buildings, the school offered the developer some highly valuable assets that could be enhanced to create superior loft apartments, clearly aimed at young professionals and media types. The school’s extensive interior footprint facilitated the configuration of generous room sizes; the huge school windows flooded the apartments with daylight and the high ceilings added to the sense of space. Furthermore, the retention and restoration of some of the stunning architectural features lent a subtle touch of quirkiness to the modern open-plan living space.

Roof terrace access using Skydoor rooflight

For the developer, increasing the attractiveness and sales value of the properties by extending the living space out onto a roof terrace was a key consideration. To achieve this, a suitable means of access had to be installed in the building, and Glazing Vision hinged access rooflight was the preferred solution. It offered not only a contemporary design, which complimented the urban aesthetic of the building’s conversion and the interior décor of the apartments, but crucially a number of outstanding technical benefits.

The Skydoor rooflight is a low-profile, thermally-broken hinged unit that allows the residents sufficient head room to comfortably exit out onto the roof terrace, with the added advantage of the glazed lid section providing a safety barrier when completely open.

The rooflight can be partially opened to increase natural ventilation throughout the apartment. The unit can be manufactured with large, high-quality, low emissivity double or triple glazed sections to enhance the natural daylight and provide superb thermal performance.

The Glazing Vision Skydoor rooflight also offered critical safety features for the developer. Fitted with soft-close mechanisms that are pressure sensitive and proximity sensors, which, when triggered by obstructions, temporarily stop the unit from opening/closing, the Skydoor rooflight provides safe and easy access onto the roof terrace.

Getting the most out of urban living

In unlocking the full potential of this roof space the developer has successfully added an “extra room” to each of these unique loft apartments, where the residents can enjoy outside living all year round, delight in the vistas of this cosmopolitan city, and generously entertain their friends – all at the touch of a button.

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