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LPS 2081 Issue 1 : 2015 security rating A is the latest standard to be published; this standard is similar to LPS1175 but specifically addresses resistance to opportunist intruders attempting ‘stealth’ attacks to gain entry, which are often carried out in residential areas.

What are stealth attacks?

Stealth is where the burglar wants to avoid making significant noise, and would avoid being seen through natural surveillance.

An opportunist intruder within a stealth attack would attempt to use a combination of physical bodily force, stealth and a selection of tools that are easily concealed about the person in order to gain entry.

LPS 2081 and security performance

The tools are split into two categories:

Security rating A is the lower of the two security  requirements; it involves a sustained attack on both glass,  framework or mechanical fixings using hand tools for a period  of up to 1 minute.

Security rating B prolongs the attack for up to 3 minutes and  with an enhanced set of tools; any rooflights that are    rewarded a security rating B can be considered a more secure  product.




Approved Document Q – Security in Dwellings

Security rating A is the only testing method required to be satisfactory for Building Regulations Part Q. This updated document addresses all standards required for doors and windows to resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar.

Approved Document Q does not apply to work started before 1st October 2015, work subject to a building notice or for planning submitted before that date provided work commences before 1st October 2016.

LPS 2081 and specifying glass rooflights

The standard covers many types of building components including specific reference to roof lights and skylights, making it suitable for rooflight specification.

View our videos demonstrating Part Q security testing to LPS 2081 on fixed rooflights and opening rooflights.

Part Q and Secured by Design

Where a product manufacturer has successfully passed relevant security testing to an approved standard, their product can be marked with a ‘Secured by Design’ logo; Secured by Design is a scheme supported by the police in order to lower the current trends in crime.

Read more about Glazing Vision’s new Secure and Secure+ range of Secured by Design rooflights, all of which are designed to LPS2081:1 2015 security rating A and B as required.