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Project Details:


Next Generation Glass

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Key Features:

Box rooflight provides access to ocean views:

The Glazing Vision box rooflight has provided the rooftop with a more contemporary touch, taking full advantage of the spectacular views overlooking the Perth shorelines.


Keen to unlock and utilise the space on top of this newly built residential home, and further add value to this property, an innovative “glass box” was introduced to provide easy access to the roof terrace.

Luxurious, modern and upbeat, this new build property has been carefully created with family life in mind. The floor plan involves family separation and considered zoning of the property.

The ground floor provides a secluded escape from the excitement of the first floor, with a detailed layout which enables the clients to relax. A big theatre room and access to the garden offers a chilled out environment, hidden away from neighbours.


The first floor is created for living in, with a completely open planned lounge, diner and kitchen. Set higher up, it allows for views across the beach and over the garden courtyard. Thus, it was important to ensure that high quality glazing was specified throughout to make the most of the wonderful views.

Tasked with sourcing and installing the windows and doors on this modern new build property, Next Generation Glass director Steve Payne mentions how the client had come to them enquiring about skylights. After a lot of research into the different profiles available in Australia and after various different drawings and ideas, the outcome wasn’t looking good.

It was a visit to the UK which led Steve to Glazing Vision, thankful of a recommendation from a contact of his. “Since my first contact, we decided it was a great product and became a distributor of Glazing Vision products in Australia”.


After discussing the details of the job, a three wall box rooflight was recommended, helping to provide access to the clients roof terrace and providing wonderful views of the majestic presence of the Indian Ocean in the background.

“It really is a great product and all that see it are in awe of it” explains Steve Payne, director of Next Generation Glass.

The Glazing Vision three-wall box rooflight is fixed to your existing building structure, thereby facilitating the full use of the roof top terrace but operates in the same way as our freestanding box rooflight. The sleek aluminium framework and perfectly edged glass-to-glass joints create a stunning contemporary finished design which reflects the style of this property.

Rooflights for access - Glazing Vision UK

This home’s rooftop terrace is the culmination of meticulous tweaking of the planning codes, and the reward is breath-taking views of Perth, with a beautiful backdrop of the ocean behind. It was in fact these planning codes which guided them towards the three-wall box rooflight, as the extra head height was required when coming up the stairs. Also allowing the homeowner to climb the stairwell whilst the rooflight is retracting into its open position, without having to ‘bow their head’.

Fitted with minimal and contemporary outdoor furniture to increase the sense of openness. The new roof top allows the homeowner an additional ‘room with a view’, perfect for entertaining or for relaxing and enjoying the stunning views on offer.

Having completed their first project with Glazing Vision, Steve Payne mentions how easy the whole process was, and that most of the hard work was undertaken by Glazing Vision. It was a simple installation process for a company like Next Generation Glass who are used to cranes in their scope of works.

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