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Project Details:

Glazing Vision has helped enhance daylight in a cleverly constructed London home using our Pitchglaze Roof Windows.

New build projects in built up areas such as London can be challenging, however Clapton Road is an example of excellent precision and wonderfully executed construction. Gauld Architecture have created the perfect modern home using insightful architectural detail and two Glazing Vision Roof Windows. The drawings called for modern architecture at every corner, from zinc cladding to exposed timber board interiors.

A single storey doctor’s surgery had previously been converted to a residential building, but unfortunately the home had very little floor area. The property overlooked a private garden behind and suffered from damp as well as a lack of privacy from passers-by, and so an upgrade was overdue. Previous planning applications to extend had been refused, and so an alternative organisational approach was needed to improve residential amenity.

The proposed works consisted of splitting the accommodation over three levels, with the bedroom and bathroom a half level below ground, and the kitchen and entrance at street level with the living space a half level above to enable views out over the heads of pedestrians. The split helps to reduce the massing and the asymmetric roof is shaped to minimise impact on the natural light to the neighbour’s windows and garden behind.

Construction commenced on the property, and quickly it was confirmed the boundary brick wall could be salvaged from the previous structure giving a familiar and robust public facing edge. The home also boasts crisp zinc roofing and wall cladding detailing, providing a smooth transition from the exposed bricks to the first storey. The Pitchglaze Roof Windows allowed Gauld Architecture to achieve a seamless junction with the folded zinc, with the glazing set on the same plane to give the roof a pleasing continuity.

Internally, the glazing is sized so the external views are framed only by the lined reveals, with the roof window largely hidden giving a sleek finish. The Pitchglaze roof windows were installed by the contractor, an easy installation process is guaranteed by following our install video or consulting our installation guide. Much natural light is captured via the roof windows, positioned strategically to ensure good and even distribution throughout, while set flush with the zinc to achieve a surface tension and pleasing solidity to the roof planes. These high-quality elements and considered massing result in a greatly improved contribution to the street scene.


“Glazing Vision helped give guidance on the interface between the roof window and a buildup that we were unfamiliar with. Our local Technical Specification Manager was very knowledgeable on integrating the roof windows into the roof.” – Kevin Gauld, Director, Gauld Architecture

The minimalist interior coupled with striking exterior design meet perfectly to ensure the desired contemporary look. The Pitchglaze Roof Windows solved a lasting problem with the home and gave the clients enhanced privacy and plentiful amounts of natural daylight.

Technical Corner

Pitchglaze Fixed Roof Window

Size:  838mm (internal viewable span) x 962mm (internal viewable width)
Weight: 52kg 
Pitch: Manufactured to suit an installation pitch of 45°
Outer Colour: RAL7037 Dusty Grey Matt
Inner Colour: RAL7037 Dusty Grey Matt
Glass Specification: 34.8mm double glazed unit (silicone sealed) comprising of 6mm HST Toughened Solar Control (LT70) 20mm Argon, Black warm edge spacer, silicone sealed 8.8mm Annealed (PAR) PVB Laminated.

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