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Project Details:

The installation of a frameless hinged rooflight from Glazing Vision was key to unlocking the natural light in this 1800’s Grade 2 listed barn, nestled in the rural town of Wymondham, Norfolk. Helping to create a bright and airy space that the whole family can enjoy.

The main barn had been quite dark when the homeowner bought the property, and as such the project brief set to the architect was to add a modern extension which complimented the barn and its surroundings, whilst ensuring plenty of light would fill the room.

The architects design included a high angled roof designed to match a similar building close to the barn but also angled to provide light and height to the room without allowing direct sunlight in. Having already had positive experiences of using Glazing Vision’s products on previous projects, the architect specified the VisionVent rooflight for use on the Rudge Barn extension which created the required bright open space.

By encompassing the VisionVent hinged rooflight, measuring 1200 x 2400mm, the clients were able to benefit from not only plenty of natural daylight entering the extension, but also the additional ventilation aspect of the rooflight. Combined with the large doors leading onto the garden, this was an ideal solution for creating wind driven ventilation throughout the property.

The electronic motor in the hinged ventilation unit allows for the roof light to be opened and closed at the push of a button, meaning the homeowner and their family were able to bring the outdoors in and create a connection between the new extension and its surroundings. Supplied with a rain sensor, the new build is protected from poor weather, with the automatic closing of the rooflight if it begins to rain.

Additionally, the VisionVent roof light provided excellent thermal performance, with the combination of 8.8mm low emissivity glass, 6mm heat soaked tested toughed glass, argon-filled cavities and 18mm warm edge spacer bars. Preventing the risk of condensation forming and ensuring that when closed, heat is retained inside the barn.

“I’m extremely pleased with the finished result. The rooflight seems to fit perfectly, the electrics work which means we can open and close it easily” Hilary Knights, Homeowner.

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