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Project Details:

This eloquent penthouse suite is situated amongst the white stucco Georgian houses of Knightsbridge, London. Surrounded by streams of private gardens, lavish restaurants and shops, the location couldn’t be more suitable for such a luxurious building design.

Whilst one floor is designed for suitable family living with a kitchen, breakfast and lounge room, the top floor consists of an open-plan space for entertainment and fine dining.

Part of the design brief was to provide an open air dining space from within the confines of the building, with the option to close this off and make the room beneath completely weather tight. Maintaining high levels of natural daylight was also an important factor, so the clients turned to architectural rooflight specialists Glazing Vision to come up with a solution.

As the layout of the flat roof above also featured a substantial length of fixed glazing to be installed very close to the proposed location of the rooflight, options were limited in terms of available space in which to safely install the product.

Glazing Vision have a wealth of experience with this type of project and recommended a bespoke design; this allowed a 100% clear opening by retracting two glass sections independently in a sliding stacking arrangement. This configuration maintains a minimal footprint on the roof as the glass only takes up half of the adjacent roof space to the actual opening when fully retracted.

Originally installed in 2004, the dimensions of the rooflight measure 3544mm x 2960mm; with over 10m2 of glazing in place, the positive impact this rooflight has on the building becomes apparent as soon as you see it.

Over 10 years later, open or closed, this bespoke rooflight continues to provide a stunning focal point to complement the lavish project.

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