Bespoke Sliding Rooflight

We also offer completely custom-built sliding skylights. It’s tempting to say that if you can imagine it, we can build it; that the sky’s the limit. In fact, the laws of physics are the limit. But our design engineers get a buzz from a challenge, so let your imagination – and ours – run riot. The Glass house project is a great example, we supplied a bespoke sliding over roof glass rooflight ensuring maximum daylight and ventilation whilst adding to the minimalist nature of the building design.

We like to apply our minimum framework, maximum daylight beliefs to even the most challenging of bespoke sliding roof designs. It’s usually the flood of natural light to the building below that’s a priority for architects and building users alike. That said, if you need a solid sliding rooflight that opens to reveal a 100% clear opening to the sky, we can design that too.

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