Bespoke Rooflights

Our entire range of rooflights can be adapted and extended for your particular needs, but it might be that you have an unusual rooflight idea in mind. You just need to talk to the right people to help it take shape.

Talking of shape, that’s something of a speciality of ours. Our standard fixed rooflights might come in the regular or circular shapes you’d expect, but our engineers are used to adapting our design principles to more imaginative requests and architectural quirks. So no matter what kind of rooflight concept you’ve come up with, you’ll still see minimal framework and maximum daylight, you’ll still have any mechanical or electrical components tucked out of sight to preserve clean, pleasing interior design aesthetic, and you’ll always benefit from our engineers’ expertise from briefing right through to post-installation support.

Contact us today to discuss your custom rooflight concept and find out how fast we can make it reality.