About Us

We are specialists in our field, on the cutting edge of rooflight design, our products can be found on rooftops across the globe, we have shipped product to Hawaii, California, New York, Hong Kong, Kuwait and across Europe.

Glazing Vision are a UK manufacturer and invest heavily in new technologies, equipment and expertise, manufacturing all of our rooflight products at our 65,000 sq ft factory in the heart of rural England.

We offer a range of standard rooflights encompassing a variety of applications, from simple fixed rooflights to more complex sliding rooflights and access configurations. As well as stock products, we custom-build rooflights to order to ensure the perfect fit to any architectural design.

In addition, we also offer a bespoke in-house rooflight design service, employing the industry’s most talented designers and mechanical engineers to create contemporary and technologically advanced rooflights for virtually any space. We work closely with leading architectural practices across the world, using the latest CAD and 3D software to design and build unique and intelligent skylight solutions for award-winning buildings.

Our rooflight design ethos is: ‘minimise framework, maximise daylight’. Our designs are elegant and sophisticated, meeting thermal and performance criteria that are often unique to the location or environment of the rooflight.

We carry out installations either through our in-house installers or via a network of glazing installation specialists carefully selected and rigorously trained by us. There isn’t a location in the UK we can’t reach and our installation teams have travelled as far as America to install bespoke rooflights into incredible buildings.


Glazing Vision was established in 1994, initially set up as a glazing refurbishment company by Hugh Callacher who remains the major shareholder of the business to this day.

In 2002 we launched our first rooflights designed for flat roof applications: a range of fixed, hinged and sliding glass windows to the sky above.

By 2006 as demand increased, we focussed our entire design and manufacturing efforts on rooflights and continued to develop new ideas and solutions, responding to the creative needs of our clients.

In 2009 we set up our international division to service mainland Europe as our reputation continued to grow outside of the UK.

During 2010 we invested heavily and relocated our business to a new premises in Diss, Norfolk which provided the opportunity to centralise our entire operation under one roof. This allowed design, manufacture, sales, logistics and technical support to communicate more effectively, improving efficiency and service levels to our clients.

In 2014 Glazing Vision launched an improved suite of market leading thermally efficient products so that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

2015 saw the introduction of rooflights.com, an online shop featuring our most in demand products at reduced costs with most products available on next day delivery.

2016 has already seen new products brought to market with the Skyhatch and improved box rooflights.

Glazing Vision is also the first UK glass rooflight manufacturer to supply a range of products which are approved Secured by Design and are compliant with Building Regulation Part Q: Security In Dwellings, having been tested and certificated by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to LPS2081 Issue 1: 2015

Recently Glazing Vision also gained its ISO14001 Environmental certification to add to its ISO9001 Quality Management certification.

Glazing Vision history

Our Process

process of glazing vision

We believe that the ultimate success of a project comes down to good design. And one of the most important aspects of this process is innovative architecture.

That’s why we work so closely with architectural practices throughout the UK. We’re usually involved right from the initial design and planning stage of building design, so that we can help architects choose the right solution for their brief. The consultation process ensures that the architect’s design proposals can be realised and the client is delighted with the final result.

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll be assigned a Glazing Vision project manager to manage the entire process, from initial order, through roof light design and manufacture and on to delivery and installation on site. This way, you have a single point of contact throughout your build project, and we can answer any questions quickly and efficiently, offering you the benefit of our expertise the moment you need it.

Design & Drawings

Most of our rooflights are built to order using standard details. You can even download those details here on our website. But there are times when a standard design isn’t right. Perhaps you need something utterly unique; perhaps the design language of your building will fail to communicate without a bespoke rooflight; perhaps it’s a particularly challenging brief you’ve been set. We’re used to exactly these sorts of circumstances. We’ll introduce you to our team of in-house rooflight design specialists, who will work with you to create a truly individual rooflight that speaks the same language as your building.

We use the latest 3D CAD to design your rooflight in a virtual environment and even provide three-dimensional renders of the unit before it is manufactured. Of course this gives you perfect product visualisation, but, more importantly, these initial general arrangement drawings mean you can check specific dimensions before manufacture. We know just how costly delays can be to budgets and reputations; this way we can guarantee a perfect fit first time.

Even though we design countless bespoke, one-off rooflights every year, wherever possible our design team will try to use standard sections and components. This keeps the costs lower for you, speeds up lead times and also maintains high reliability standards. Whichever solution you choose, you’ll always benefit from intelligent design and our minimise framework, maximise daylight approach.

glazing vision design drawings cad


glazing vision design drawings

Building Information Modelling (BIM) involves the generation of virtual building materials that can be dropped into architectural representations in CAD software. BIM aids the design, development and delivery process of a construction project, extending conventional 3D CAD design by including dimensions such as time and costs.

As BIM-generated building design became more sought-after within the construction industry, we invested in both personnel and the latest Revit software to make sure we remain at the cutting edge of design technology. We are continuously adding to our BIM library and any of our entire range, including completely bespoke skylights, can be modelled on request.

Using BIM technologies in our rooflight design studio allows us to predict and track the performance of our products throughout the building’s expected lifetime. The way we work helps architects and construction design professionals to choose roof lights quickly and include them in their concept drawings with total confidence in design accuracy, a vital consideration for all client proposals and construction progress meetings.

Research & Development

Research and development forms the cornerstone of everything we do at Glazing Vision. We were the first company in the UK to develop a flat-roof glazed rooflight system: the original Flushglaze® rooflight.

We repeated this more recently with the first fully glazed smoke vent rooflight (AOV) that can open out to 140°. Our xVent is fully tested and CE marked to BS EN 12101-2:2003; a safety-first glazed roof vent which maintains the minimal contemporary lines for which our company is renowned.

Most of our R&D is performed in-house by our team of experts; not only do we aim to anticipate future government legislation and architectural design trends, but we feel we can help shape the future of our industry.

We have also worked long-term with experts from Anglia Ruskin University to establish an accurate formula for calculating rooflight thermal performance. We always provide as much technical data as possible during the consultation stage to guarantee our products comply with any upcoming changes to building regulations.

Our electronics software control systems are all developed in-house and are unique to Glazing Vision. That means that we can tailor them to function perfectly with our complete range, as well as our bespoke rooflights while providing diagnostic plug-in tools which help our engineers set up and commission during installation.

Glazing Vision research and development


Glazing Vision manufacturing

All Glazing Vision rooflights are manufactured in-house at our UK factory in Diss, Norfolk. Every single rooflight is hand-built to suit your specification. Our simplest units are manufactured on a production line to keep lead times to a minimum, but more complex rooflights demand special attention. So we split our factory into teams who specialise in ‘standard products’ or ‘opening rooflights’. Only our most experienced manufacturing staff can work on opening rooflights; these are precision-engineered pieces that need to be configured and set up to the most exacting standards for smooth, lifelong performance.

As well as our wealth of skilled labour, we’ve invested in vital engineering equipment to achieve the highest level of finish. This includes a state of the art CNC machining centre and our most recent additions, the Phoswash, paint booth and thermal break machine.

Because all assembly is carried out in our own factory, we can guarantee tightly controlled conditions. The risk of contaminants is greatly reduced and we can control the proper disposal of waste materials.

We love to welcome prospective and existing clients to our factory. You can contact us to arrange a viewing or even book you and your team onto our RIBA-approved CPD Factory Tour.


We take our testing seriously at Glazing Vision. Wherever possible, we carry out rooflight testing in-house so we can keep the costs in check and reduce lead times for clients. Sometimes, however, the scope of testing is beyond what is practicable on our own premises and requires external testing to ensure the proposed units will comply. We’ll always keep you informed at the earliest stages of the ordering process; one of the advantages of our partnership approach.

Glazing Vision rooflights have been tested for air permeability, water ingress, impact, fire resistance, thermal performance and lifecycle/reliability, amongst other things, to ensure that the product you choose to finish off your building design performs exactly as expected.

We’re an active member of the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers (NARM), an industry body that promotes co-operation between member companies in order to develop and maintain standards and codes of practice, and to provide an authoritative information portal for rooflight specifiers. You can find out more at: www.narm.org.uk.

Glazing Vision testing

Supply & Install

installation of a rooflight

We can deliver and fit rooflights almost anywhere in the world. The core of our business remains in the UK and we operate teams of highly trained fitters to carry out our rooflight installations.

All of our fitters carry CSCS cards and have been extensively trained for safe working at height. Before any installation our supervisor carries out a full risk assessment to ensure the team is safe to proceed. It’s our duty of care to our staff and our clients. That’s why we’re proud to be a member of the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), a nationally recognised and accepted threshold standard for safe practice in the construction industry.

Our dedicated courier service has worked with us for a number of years and has an excellent reputation for reliability. Our skylights are robust, but they do still contain fragile materials, so it’s vital we work with couriers who understand the financial implications to our clients if a rooflight is damaged in transit.

Most of the time, once we’ve built your rooflights, they can be transported to site within two days for mainland UK and to Europe within ten days. We also ship sea freight to the US having completed numerous projects on both the east and west coasts of America.

Post Installation Support

We aim to produce products that function faultlessly throughout their projected lifetimes. Once in a while though, something can go wrong. You need to know the support is there to put things right.

Once again, because we develop, design and manufacture all of our own products from a single site, all of our expertise is under one roof. So you’ve always got access to an expert if ever there’s a query or a problem.

Our customer service team fields any post-sales queries and liaises with the various internal departments to ensure a swift response, including organising a site visit from an engineer if needed. They’ll guide you through the entire process until we’ve reached a satisfactory resolution.

Glazing Vision always provides detailed step-by-step documentation for fault-finding and manual overrides etc, most of which is supplied with the unit upon installation. We often find that minor problems can be fixed simply by resetting a unit. If you ever have any questions about the performance of a Glazing Vision rooflight, you can contact the customer service team on 01379 658300 or by email at customerservices@glazingvision.co.uk

Glazing Vision post installation support

Maintenance Contracts

glazing vision maintenance

All of our products come with a full warranty, but you can also purchase an extended warranty or product service agreement for long-term peace of mind and cost-effective, ongoing care of your rooflight.

Our typical product service agreement covers items such as checking for water ingress, inspecting the glazing and silicone seals, checking the mechanical operation of the unit and inspecting any wear to the components. The rooflight can also be cleaned and where fitted battery life tested and replaced if necessary, control systems tested and any limit switches checked and adjusted.

Glazing Vision is proud to be a member of the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers.

NARM is an industry body dedicated to the application of best practice in the provision of natural light in built environments.

Founded in 1998, NARM today comprises all of the UK’s leading rooflight manufacturers and associated businesses.

Their membership covers all types of rooflight products, from polycarbonate domes to structural glass skylights and atria.

NARM represents a complete cross section of the rooflight design and material type manufacturers in the UK.

The association has been formed to promote co-operation between member companies, in order to develop and maintain standards and codes of practice and to provide an authoritative information portal for rooflight specifiers.

NARM is an active member of the CPA (Construction Products Association). Their committee plays an active role in advising Government on future Building Regulations.