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Independent product testing is so important, to give customers peace of mind that declared product performance is independently verified. We have seen some wild claims by some manufacturers for their product performance which they are unable to substantiate. At Glazing Vision all our products are designed to provide a high level performance and reliability when used within their intended applications. We test for weather performance, durability, reliability, strength and safety. All our electronics and software control systems are developed in-house and thus have to be tested for compliance with the LV and EMC directives and CE marked accordingly. Weather testing includes water tightness, air tightness and wind resistance. We also carry out safety impact and security testing and our opening rooflights are subjected to cycle testing for reliability.

Where we supply products for safety critical applications such as our Fire Rated Flushglaze and our xVent smoke vent then we take our product testing even more seriously as peoples lives depend on the products performing as intended. In these instances the products are not only independently tested but also there are Field of Application reports, factory production control inspections of our manufacturing facilities and in the case of the smoke vent it has to be CE marked as conforming to BS EN 12101-2.

Our ultimate Technical Approval is the BBA Certificate, which we have achieved for our Flushglaze range of fixed rooflights. The product had to undergo a rigorous testing regime to achieve certification that not only included weather testing but also testing for security, thermal performance, structural integrity and durability of the paint finishes and sealants used. It also requires a quality plan with regular Factory Production Control audits. The Flushglaze is the first glass rooflight to be awarded a BBA certificate.