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Glass rooflights can have a huge impact on the influence of light in a building. It can be at the heart of the project or complement the space.

The choice of options for bespoke glass rooflight design are now greater than ever and can be expertly used to bring light and space to projects.

For residential designs, a rooflight can be used for single property renovations in cities , where both space and light is at a premium to glazing solutions, bringing the natural beauty of the outside in.

The use of glazing for commercial applications ranges from stunning, light enhancing designs to specialist glass applications.

Regardless of the project and inspiration, there are many considerations in the design and specification of glass rooflights:

    • What classification is the rooflight?
    • Where is it being installed?
    • What is the building type? Commercial, residential, public?
    • Glare and solar gain considerations, what glass should you use?
    • What is it being used for? Daylight, ventilation or access?
    • What do you want the rooflight to achieve and what other considerations should be taken into account when specifying?


In addition, the following factors should also be considered about the building type and its location within that building:

    • What function does the rooflight perform?
    • Will the rooflight be subject to foot traffic?
    • Will it be positioned where it is subject to high thermal stress?
    • Can something fall on the glass?
    • Is it easy to clean?
    • Will it cause an obstruction to other parts of the building?
    • What preparations should be made to the roof structure in order to adequately support the rooflight?
    • If the rooflight opens, do the electrics and transformers need to be housed within the building fabric?
    • What is the lead time and how may this affect other trades such as plasterers, roofers of electricians?
    • Will any of these considerations affect the glass I need?

To understand more about the design and specification of glass rooflights, please call our technical team or request a CPD.