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There are many reasons to specify and buy rooflights from manufacturers who are NARM members; the main reason is peace-of-mind.

But what is NARM? And why is NARM important for the end client in the specification and purchase of rooflights?

What is NARM?

The National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers is an association for rooflight design and materials manufacturers, to promote co-operation between member companies, in order to develop and maintain standards and codes of practice.

All full and associate members comply with the NARM members’ code of practice:

    • Focussed on quality and have obtained, or are working towards, BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Registration.
    • Committed to staff training and development.
    • Able to offer balanced advice on the use of rooflights, rooflight materials and rooflight systems without misrepresentation.
    • Dedicated to customer satisfaction through the development and supply of quality
    • rooflights, rooflight materials and systems.
    • Supplying only those products which comply with relevant UK and European Standards and
    • Building Legislation.
    • Promoting good business practice and publish clear statements on terms of sale and product warranties.

Source: narm.co.uk

Why choose a NARM member?

A recent case that has been under investigation by Glazing Vision’s Jeremy Dunn, also chair of the NARM technical glass sub-committee, highlights the importance of being covered in the event of rooflight failure and lack of suitable response from the manufacturer.

In this particular case, the failing rooflights have not been rectified and are holding up a two year build.

Extract from a customer email:

“We have presently reached a stage whereby after two years we have not achieved any worthwhile products to specification of works or building regulation standards and basically, [Company name removed] cannot endorse any of their defective or botched works, nor provide any evidence of valid certification.

This [location removed] glazing company do not appear to take our situation seriously (at all) given their well-
documented catalogue of errors to date and surrounding their various admissions of error both verbally and in

writing, alongside products that remain obsolete and dangerous within the house …”

Jeremy comments:

“Choosing a NARM manufacturer means that the client can take comfort in the knowledge that best practice will be followed. Building regulations and standards will be complied with, where they exist. Should any remedial work not be carried out in a timely and satisfactory manner, there is recourse and independent support, through NARM.”

Jeremy continues “As a glass rooflight manufacturer, being a part of NARM not only helps us to influence regulations and changing standards, it improves the standards and knowledge within the industry. Working together to raise standards gives the industry more of a voice. A case-in-point is CE marking, mixed messages about where CE marking is required has caused confusion. NARM has published a document as guidance to support its members and provide a resource for end clients.”

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