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STS stands for Security Technical Specification and the issue was published under the ‘Certisecure’ brand by Warrington Certification Ltd.

STS204 Issue 3 : 2012 defines the requirements for windows tested in accordance with PAS 24 : 2012 and BS 6375.

STS204 and security performance

STS 204 Issue 3 : 2012 covers both the security criteria outlined in PAS 24, as well as the more general characteristics in BS 6375.

BS 6375 is the British Standard that covers the performance of windows and doors; it is split into parts 1, 2 and 3, which cover weather tightness, operation and strength characteristics, and additional performance characteristics. It also covers general guidance on selection and specification.

This means that STS204 covers broader and more comprehensive performance requirements.

STS204 and specifying glass rooflights

As with PAS 24, there is no specific reference to roof lights or skylights so this test is not really applicable to glass rooflights for flat roof applications.

Approved Document Q – Security in Dwellings

Windows satisfying this standard meet the security requirements outlined in Approved Document Q – Security in Dwellings (2015). This updated document addresses all standards required for doors and windows to resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar.

Approved Document Q does not apply to work started before 1st October 2015, work subject to a building notice or for planning submitted before that date provided work commences before 1st October 2016.

To find out more about the range of standards that meet Approved Document Q guidelines, read our post ‘Part Q and security testing for glass rooflights’.

Part Q and Secured by Design

Where a product manufacturer has successfully passed relevant Part Q security testing to an approved standard, their product can be marked with a ‘Secured by Design’ logo; Secured by Design is a scheme supported by the police in order to lower the current trends in crime.

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