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PAS 24 : 2012, published by the British Standards Institute, provides a method for testing and assessing the enhanced security performance requirements of external doorsets and windows in the UK.

The 2012 version supersedes PAS 24 : 2007+A2 : 2011 and BS 7950 : 1997.

Approved Document Q – Security in Dwellings

PAS 24 : 2012 meets the criteria of Approved Document Q – Security in Dwellings (2015). This updated document addresses all standards required for doors and windows to resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar.

Approved Document Q does not apply to work started before 1st October 2015, work subject to a building notice or for planning submitted before that date provided work commences before 1st October 2016.

PAS 24 and specifying glass rooflights

Due to doorsets and windows having to be supported and installed vertically, PAS 24 : 2012 is not currently suited to testing glass rooflights, particularly for flat roof applications.

As of February 2016, PAS 24 has been updated to include a wider range of security doorsets and windows. A number of test methods have been simplified and the updated version of PAS 24 will be incorporated into Part Q in due course.

There are other standards that currently comply with Approved Document Q and are suited for testing glass rooflights designed for flat roof applications.

Read our post on Loss Prevention Standards LPS2081 Issue 1: 2015 for more information.

Part Q and Secured by Design

Where a product manufacturer has successfully passed relevant Part Q security testing to an approved standard, their product can be marked with a ‘Secured by Design’ logo; Secured by Design is a scheme supported by the police in order to lower the current trends in crime.

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