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To meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part Q, rooflights need to be designed, manufactured and tested to one of the following standards:

PAS 24:2012
STS 202 Issue 3:2011
LPS 1175 Issue 7:2010 security rating 1
LPS 2081 Issue 1:2015 security rating A

PAS 24:2012 is referenced as being the preferred standard. Part Q states that windows satisfying the other standards are also acceptable so long as they provide similar or better performance.

Most of the standards listed in Part Q, including PAS 24:2012, were originally written with vertically installed windows and doorsets in mind. Some are not suitable for testing the security of rooflights, especially in flat roof applications.

Glass rooflights designed for flat roof applications are more likely to be affected by opportunist crime, as they are often found on single-storey extensions and are more accessible to burglars.

LPS 2081, the most recent of the standards relevant to Part Q, is the one best suited to domestic applications due to the way it specifically tests against stealth attacks.

This test involves withstanding attacks using bodily force, and a 1-minute or 3-minute attack with common tools that can be easily hidden about the body, of the type most likely to be used in casual break-in attempts in residential areas.

In addition, the test is also carried out in a horizontal jig, whereas some of the other standards only specify a test in vertical orientation.

Watch the testing videos for fixed Flushglaze rooflights and opening rooflights to find out more about testing requirements or download the guide for in-depth information on what you need to know about rooflights and Part Q: Security in Dwellings…