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When undertaking your building project you will want to ensure that the products you specify meet your expectations for appearance, performance and price. When specifying a rooflight you might be comparing thermal performance, want to be confident they will remain watertight and look closely at the design aesthetics, but how often do you think about the paint finish other than to select a colour? Perhaps you should give this a higher priority as ensuring you specify a quality paint finish is key to ensuring durability and maintaining appearance over a long service life.

At Glazing Vision we are very proud of the fact that we have our own environmentally friendly Powder Coating Plant using a Chrome Free conversion coating pre treatment process. All in house painted profiles undergo a vigorous series of tests in our own paint lab which has enabled us to achieve Qualicoat standards for our painting process.

We are now an approved Qualicoat Applicator, Licence No 1017, and can thus pass on the full paint warranty from the manufacturers of the powder we use which is Akzo Nobel Interpon D1036 or D2525 range. You can check the list of Qualicoat approved applicators at their website by following this link https://www.qualicoatuki.org/members/applicators.html

Being awarded Qualicoat approval is the result of a sizeable investment in both equipment and time, but bringing this in house allows us a high degree of control and quality assurance which is critical to achieving the high standards our customers expect from a Glazing Vision rooflight.

Where we source pre painted profiles we ensure that these sources are also Qualicoat approved applicators so you can be sure that the paint finish on any Glazing Vision product will be of the highest standard and offer you a long lasting durable architectural finish.