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This guide focuses on overheating and rooflights:


  • An uncomfortable subject
  • Defining overheating
  • What affects overheating in UK homes?

Approved Document O 2021 – a rooflight specifier’s guide

  • What are the requirements of Part O 2021?
  • What buildings does Part O apply to?
  • Requirement O1(1) of the Building Regulations
  • Requirement O1(2) of the Building Regulations
  • How is Part O changing building design?
  • Should you go beyond the minimum standard of Part O?
  • Using rooflights to reduce overheating risk in new and existing dwellings
  • Overcoming the disconnect: Parts L, F and O, and the Future Homes Standard


No compromises: achieving architectural ambition while mitigating overheating

  • Do fixed rooflights have a role in overheating mitigation?
  • Using rooflights to control overheating risk
  • Roof access
  • Bespoke rooflights
  • About Glazing Vision

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