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Glazing Vision was one of the first manufacturers in the UK to pioneer the use of glass rooflights for flat roof applications, our products are precision engineered from aluminium and glass. The GV range of standard products cover fixed, hinged and sliding rooflights in their most basic form but much of our workload covers the design and build of completely one off custom rooflights.

Our close working relationship with the architectural community means that we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with rooflight design, as ideas are developed our experienced team provide valuable input covering the critical aspects of integrating a bespoke rooflight into your building.


Our most common custom build request is for large scale sliding rooflights, these will often be specified using several sections of glass which slide over each other or alternatively over the roof itself.

It may be necessary to engineer these sections to slide and stack if roof space is limited, this example demonstrates a ‘bi parting sliding stacking over fixed’ rooflight where the sections move in opposing directions and stack at either end.


As part of our design process we try to minimise framework wherever possible, maximising the amount of glass and therefore natural daylight in your building.

This thought process is also carried over to any mechanisms and control systems, for us it’s unacceptable to have any of this visible within the aperture of the rooflight when closed so we have developed all of our framing systems to hide everything within the frame itself.

This will usually include motors and drive shafts or rack and pinion mechanisms, control boards and even battery back up systems where specified.


Occasionally we’ll get a left field request where a client has seen one of our standard rooflights but it isn’t quite what they want.

Where there’s a will there’s a way, so we engage in consultation with clients, architects, structural engineers and contractors to realise our customers imagination.

If you have an elevated library space in your barn conversion you’ll probably be needing a sliding ridge rooflight right?


The sheer scale of some rooflight builds pushes technology to the limit, glass is a heavy material to work with and of course can be fragile if not correctly specified.

Many of our clients are lucky enough to live in impressive homes that have underground gyms or media rooms, or maybe they’ve installed a swimming pool.

Any rooflights installed for specialist applications will often require specialist glass, as always our team will work with construction specialists and ensure that the correct glass is procured for your rooflight, this might be laminated glass, acoustic, switchable privacy glass or even heated glass which is really useful for getting rid of condensation in environments with high moisture levels, such as swimming pools!

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