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Glazing Vision are pleased to announce that the RIBA accredited roof light CPD and factory tour are now available to book.

This will cover both the technical and practical aspects for the correct design and specification of glass roof lights. Ultimately, both the CPD and factory tour will enable you to make the right choice when selecting a supplier or product.

The following sessions are available to anyone involved in the designing, specifying, and purchasing of glass roof lights.

 CPD Seminar: Specifying Glass Roof Lights

There are many important options to consider when specifying your product, as there are now so many different types of glass and glazing designs available on the market. This RIBA CPD from Glazing Vision aims to inform you upon the latest designs best suited to match your project, whilst providing key information on how to specify the correct components for your rooflight.

In short, the CPD seminar covers the following aspects:

    • Rooflight classification
    • British Standards and CE marking
    • Glass and standards
    • Loading requirements
    • Testing and thermal performance
    • Specialist glass options
    • Opening rooflight options
    • Control systems
    • Installation and maintenance considerations

Glazing Vision Factory Tour

Glazing Vision are constantly striving to innovate and create unique products; this tour of their in-house facilities will enable you to observe the production of numerous glazing systems and bespoke profiles. The tour will provide an insight into each stage of the manufacturing process, from the high-tech machine operations used, through to product testing and development methods before moving towards the final dispatch area. Finished products will be displayed in Glazing Vision’s showroom, giving you hands-on experience with some of the products and glass technologies you have seen. The showroom will also include a range of specialist glasses discussed in the CPD.

This half day factory tour takes place at the Glazing Vision facilities in Norfolk.

To book a CPD, please click here.