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With an estimated 250,000 hectares of south facing roof space available on commercial buildings in the UK, installing solar panels is an effective way of reducing the carbon foot print of your business.

Glazing Vision is an ISO140001 registered company that takes its responsibilities to the environment seriously, having already invested in one of the first commercial powder coating systems in the UK which uses a Chrome Free conversion coating pre-treatment process.

Our continuing commitment to the environment has recently seen the installation of a substantial solar panel system on the roof of our head office and rooflight manufacturing facility in Diss, Norfolk.

Planning permission is not required when installing solar systems over 50kWp on commercial and industrial buildings, so we have been able to invest in a 200kW system comprising of 768 individual panels that are expected to generate over 170,000 kWh/yr.

Since taking ownership of the building in 2010, Glazing Vision have been re-investing in equipment and machinery as well as major improvements to the building itself so that the staff can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere to work.