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Glazing Vision is using its technical expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of precision engineered glass roof lights to develop new training methods that support its approved installer network.

This will help to deliver the highest quality and most efficient installation service possible. Installation through Glazing Vision’s Approved Installer network for standardised products offers an extended warranty of ten years instead of the standard two year warranty.

The complete advanced course takes a full week and includes comprehensive training on Glazing Vision’s roof light test rig. The test rig can be programmed to replicate any number of faults and allows Glazing Vision to assess the candidates diagnostic and repair skills.


The complete rooflight training course covers the following:

    • Classroom training on all products
    • Practical assessment on glazing and silicone operations
    • Fault finding
    • Site survey training
    • Completion of QC documentation
    • Record keeping and warranty requirements
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Practical instruction on sliding over roof and sliding over fixed  roof lights
    • Practical instruction on sliding roof light control systems
    • Fault finding on box rooflight test rig.


Rooflight product specific training includes:

    • Practical installation of pyramid systems
    • Skydoor mechs and electronics installation
    • Xvent mechs and electronics installation
    • Xvent commissioning to meet building regulations and standards

The most recent addition to the approved installer scheme is PPM Limited; a maintenance company based in Cumbria. PPM Limited have six team members certified to fit Glazing Vision products including Flushglaze, VisionVent and pyramid units.

After successfully completing a tailored course, these newly trained members will be improving coverage and response times in the North of the UK.

The ‘Glazing Vision Europe’ team based in The Netherlands has completed the advanced week long training course, which included site installations, and is now qualified to fit our entire range of products including sliding units, box, Skydoor and Xvent roof lights.

To find out more about becoming an approved installer, or to find your nearest approved installer, contact our technical department on 01379 353 741.