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Glazing Vision will once again be showcasing its range of contemporary fixed and opening rooflights at Ecobuild 2014. The emphasis this year will be on thermal efficiency. Glazing Vision has invested heavily in the development of a new suite of profiles that allow the use of polyamide thermal breaks up to 39mm to create market leading Rooflight performance across the entire range.

A Low Carbon KEEP knowledge transfer programme with Anglia Ruskin University has led to a great deal of thermal modelling and design expertise being built up within the technical department. The in-house ability to analyse and understand heat loss through rooflights has helped us to develop high performing thermally broken aluminium frames for our products. The work carried out is also helping shape the direction of future regulation and guidance for the calculation and expressing of rooflight u-values. Come and talk to any of our technical team at Ecobuild if you would like to learn more.

The re-design of the product range has also included specific attention to improve air permeability particularly on the sliding rooflight range which has led to a new, patent applied for, seal design.

To further enhance the thermal performance of our range we have increased the products that can offer a triple glaze option. This has always been possible in our range of fixed Flushglaze rooflights but the additional weight has been a limitation for our range of standard opening rooflights. The new thermally enhanced profiles enable us to offer a triple glazed option on all our standard sliding rooflights which now have the strength and depth to accommodate the thicker sealed units.

Furthermore a recent investment in our own thermal break rolling machine in conjunction with our own in-house , high quality, environmentally friendly chromate free polyester powder coating plant allows us to respond quicker and more cheaply to requests for non-standard single and dual colour options. Bringing these processes in-house also helps improve quality control and reduce energy use in transportation of materials.

At Ecobuild 2014 Glazing Vision will have on display two examples from the new range, specifically the new Visionvent and Skydoor products. The focus on improved thermal performance has been driven by the much talked about new Part L building regulations that now come into effect on 1 April 2014. Whilst the backstop u-values have not changed the overall energy efficiency requirements have changed by 6% and 9% for domestic and non-domestic properties respectively. To achieve these performance requirements on most projects, it is likely that rooflights will have to significantly exceed the minimum performance requirements set out in the approved documents. Glazing Vision can provide supporting documentation including full thermal calculations, to back up our performance claims for all our rooflight range showing that we can exceed building regulation requirements.