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Glazing Vision’s bespoke rooflight solutions have caught the attention of Channel 4 programme George Clark’s ‘Amazing Spaces’. These rooflight solutions using box lights, walk-on and sliding opening rooflights gave light and space to these exciting projects.

The Glass House with Eldridge Smerin Architects and Calnan Construction (Series 3, Episode 5.)

The site on Swains Lane is situated on the very edge of a historic Victorian cemetery. Originally occupied by an existing steel-framed house designed by the modernist John Winter, alongside a small cluster of other contemporary residences, the existing building was replaced with a modern 4 storey solution.
The design featured a concrete frame and walls, complemented by the frameless structural glass allowing for unparalleled views of the cemetery.

A bespoke sliding over roof glass rooflight,  designed in-house, allows the kitchen to be bathed in sunlight and air at the touch of a button. The dimensions were created to allow the glazing to slide in the 3.4 metre dimension to create a 100% clear opening.

The unique dimensions of the rooflight denoted that glass sections were to be used and to ensure the Client’s “all-glass” look was maintained, glass fins were installed at the joins.


Other projects featured were:

Crosby Row with Alan Camp Architects and Rydon Construction Ltd (Series 3, Episode 3.)

This project features a large three wall box rooflight measuring over 4 metres wide and almost 2.5 metres in span. It was installed with a variety of control options including a rain sensor with external keypad to override from outside the rooflight, proximity detector, and thermostat. Providing stunning views over London to the Shard and St Pauls Cathedral, the box rooflight is designed to give access to the roof for this terraced house in London, making the most of precious outdoor space without the need for additional balustrades.

Balancing Barn with MVRDV and Living Architecture (Series 2, Episode 4)

This RIBA award winning barn, set in stunning Suffolk countryside near the coast, strategically cantilevers over the landscape giving way to panoramic views through its large windows. Glazing Vision supplied a number of different rooflight solutions to this inspiring project, from electronically hinged VisionVents to bespoke multipart Flushglaze walk on rooflights overlooked by Ridgeglaze apex rooflights. The 3 metre x 3 metre walk on specification rooflights were critical to achieving the buildings party piece, allowing those inside the building to step out onto the glass with the illusion of being suspended in mid-air. This high quality solution and aesthetic design allows the surrounding environment to be viewed in unique ways.