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Glazing Vision rooflights are now easily available in Scotland due to a new partnership with Cube Glass.

A Strategic Partnership

Glazing Vision is excited to unveil a new partnership with Cube Glass, signifying a pivotal advancement in our vision to fill environments with the essence of natural light. This alliance names Cube Glass as the official distributor of Glazing Vision’s state-of-the-art architectural rooflights in Scotland, cementing our commitment to transforming living and working spaces with the power of daylight.

Innovation at the Heart of Design

At Glazing Vision, our core mission is to revolutionise architectural design with our pioneering glass rooflights. Produced at our manufacturing facility in rural Norfolk (England), our products stand as a beacon of British craftsmanship, designed to cater to a wide array of architectural needs, both standard and bespoke. Teaming up with Cube Glass, renowned for their precision in glass and aluminium solutions, signifies our dedication to making cutting-edge architectural designs universally accessible.

A Union of Visions

Embracing Light, Air, and Space

Jason Cooper, International Account Manager at Glazing Vision, shares his excitement about bringing Cube Glass into our distributor network. “This partnership reflects our aligned visions for incorporating light, air, and space into modern designs, ensuring our clients have access to the finest rooflight solutions available today.”

Enhancing Wellbeing Through Natural Light

Gary Thorn, Founder and Managing Director of Cube Glass, emphasizes the shared values us. “This collaboration not only broadens our product range but also deepens our dedication to improving clients’ well-being through natural daylight. It’s an opportunity to provide sophisticated, innovative solutions to our customers, further enriching their environments with vital natural elements.”

Looking Ahead: A Brighter Future with Glazing Vision and Cube Glass

This partnership marks a new chapter in architectural design in Scotland, offering exclusive access to Glazing Vision’s top-tier rooflight solutions. Together, we are setting new standards of excellence in the industry, delivering tailored solutions that respond to the dynamic needs of architects, builders, and homeowners alike.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we anticipate a future where our combined expertise and shared principles light up every space, bringing the outdoors inside and transforming areas with the natural beauty of daylight.