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CRASH has been the UK construction industry’s social impact partner for 25 years. CRASH unites the power of the industry to do good by channelling their professional expertise, construction products and fundraising to build places that care for the sick, vulnerable and homeless in the communities we work and live. CRASH’s work demonstrates how the construction industry, and the charitable sector can build more caring societies. Well designed and expertly built environments have a positive effect on how we all feel and behave. This is especially true for homeless people and children and adults with a life-limiting illness. Together they construct places that care for people.

What does becoming a patron mean?

Active Social Impact

We will work strategically with CRASH to deliver construction projects for homeless people, and children and adults needing end of life care. We will also work to achieve our Corporate Social Responsibility targets, and showcase our construction products and share our professional expertise to directly help people. We will also receive an annual Social Impact Report which details our involvement, the financial values and social impact of our support.

Inspiring Employees

We plan to inspire our employees through professional development through skills-based volunteering and secondments with CRASH. There are also learning and development opportunities for graduate employees, and the chance to take part in team building through company fundraising for CRASH.

Brand Exposure

We will be able to promote our company’s social impact with CRASH to our clients, employees and shareholders, and CRASH will promote our good work to the industry via press and social media.

Building New Relationships

We will be given the opportunity to connect with other CRASH Corporate Patron companies, and with charities CRASH support. We will also be able to build new relationships with industry leaders at exclusive CRASH events, and by visiting CRASH projects to see first hand the impact our patronage has had.

The Difference We Will Make

We will make an effective, measurable and tangible social impact, help reduce construction costs for charities, invest in people and communities, and our patronage will underpin CRASH and every vulnerable person they help.

New Experiences

We will have direct involvement with homelessness and hospice charities who will benefit from our expertise and knowledge, and we will develop our employees by involving them with CRASH projects and volunteering opportunities. There are also secondment opportunities to work directly with the CRASH team.

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