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Project Details:


Chalcroft Construction Ltd


The sympathetic refurbishment by Agellus Hotels is breathing new life into this historic building so it can be enjoyed for many more centuries to come. The meticulous renovation has involved a team of architects, engineers and craftsmen working closely with planners and conservation officers to ensure that Tuddenham Mill is re-invigorated for the twenty first century without losing any of its historical integrity. Modern design sits hand in hand with original features which ensure its past is not forgotten. There are glimpses of history throughout the Mill, from the exposed beams in the spacious bedrooms; through to the cast iron water wheel which has been imaginatively brought back to life through the use of atmospheric lighting and stylish glass floors and walls.

The client wanted to incorporate glass flooring so that visitors could get a real feel for the workings of the mill by allowing people to stand on water and look down and view the impressive grinders and wheels.


Glazing Vision supplied an external walk on rooflight to act as a bridge for visitors to be able to look down into the river. The second solution was to use two smaller internal walk on rooflights in the restaurant area so that visitors could see right through the building and look down at the workings of the mill.

Today Glazing Vision often use Tuddenham Mill as a venue to entertain and show off the rooflights in a fantastic setting.

Products & Dimensions

1 No. Fixed Flushglaze (Walk on Specification) Rooflight 2000mm x 770mm (overall weathered upstand dimensions). Drawing Refs: S0001 and 402/ASS/003B.

2 No. Fixed Flushglaze (Walk on Specification) Rooflights 750mm x 600mm (overall weathered upstand dimensions). Drawing Refs: S0001 and 402/ASS/003B.

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