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Four Glazing Vision Three Wall Box Rooflights were specified on four modern new build homes in the heart of Los Angeles which have provided the clients with access to the terrace which would have otherwise not been possible. The Three Wall Box Rooflights fit perfectly with the modern aesthetic and were chosen to not only give access to the roof deck, but to also increase the amount of natural daylight entering each home.

“We think the finished rooflights look great as crowns to each of our buildings. They will be a nice addition to these homes and hopefully inspire developers and homeowners to spread the word throughout Southern California regarding the benefits of the rooflights too!” – Michael Wilson-Katsibas, Partner, KAP Studios

Following the demolition of the existing 1200 sq. ft bungalow, the remaining site was still relatively cramped considering the bungalow was being replaced by four new dwellings. In order to provide enough living space and retain the beautiful views of the Los Angeles skyline, KAP Studios had to come up with a creative solution to achieve their brief.

To make the most of the small, 8,400 sq. ft plot, KAP Studios incorporated a basement and terrace area into each home which transformed the buildings from two-stories to four-stories, which helped unlock the full potential of these beautiful homes in Culver City.

Starting from the ground up, the basement is partially sunk beneath the pavement and accommodates two parking spaces, meaning more space has been granted to the garden area at ground level. This gives each home its own private back garden, as opposed to a less visually impressive driveway. It also includes a pantry and wine store to round off the basement area. The second floors are occupied by an en-suite bedroom which includes a balcony area overlooking a collection of beautiful LA properties.

The east side of the bedroom houses an equally impressive bathroom, making it the second Master Bedroom in the homes. The terraces of each building are by far the most unique feature of the homes. With over 20 years of experience in roof access rooflights, Glazing Vision were engaged to help with this important part of the project. Operated by the touch of a button, our Three Wall Box Rooflights were fixed to the existing building structures at the back and either end. The rooflights take up only 170 square feet on top of the roof, leaving the client with a vast amount of additional living space which can be utilised all year round. Our rooflights are installed by our very own expert installation team.

“We wanted to both feature the stairs as light shafts to illuminate the interior spaces throughout the day with the California sunlight as well as allow for seamless roof deck access for the future residents.” – Michael Wilson-Katsibas, Director, KAP Studios

Our Three Wall Box Rooflights are a perfect example of how Glazing Vision can help you utilise your roof space whilst providing your home with added natural daylight.

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Photography: Mike Kelley

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