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Project Details:


This is by far Bishop Stortford’s most popular night spot. The pub was tragically ruined by a fire back in 2006 but has since been beautifully restored to an exceptional standard. Patrons of The Bridge House can now relax again in the comfortable and friendly atmosphere that it is renowned for. The installation of an upper level complete with a sliding glass rooflight gives visitors space to meet friends and enjoy a drink or two in a spacious and tastefully dressed upper bar. The rooflight can be retracted during the summer to give an outdoor space and provide plenty of natural ventilation.


The rooflight supplied was able to bi-part, due to the unavailability to slide completely off onto the roof. One section was required to slide over a fixed section allowing maximum ventilation opening capacity. The rooflight has completely concealed motors and running gear and was fitted with a rain sensor for automatic closing in the event of rain.

Products & Dimensions

1 No Bi-parting sliding over fixed Ridgeglaze rooflight 4000mm x 2400mm (Return 1) x 2400mm (Return 2) (400 Pitch) supplied in three sections:

1 No Fixed Section 1333mm x 2400mm x 2400mm and two sliding sections
1 No Sliding Over roof finished
1 No Sliding Over fixed, finishing above a fixed section of Ridgeglaze 1333mm x 2400mm x 2400mm

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