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The use of two large bespoke rooflights from Glazing Vision seamlessly integrate into this family home, providing the focal point required to unlock beautiful views and a stunning contemporary kitchen.

Set within a large, private plot with mature hedgerow to all sides, and situated within the heart of the Derbyshire countryside, this young family wanted to create a home which allowed them to make use of their views and allowed quality family time.

The property benefited from a simple layout and minimal colour pallet, which helped to aid the open and light contemporary feel within the house. However, the existing kitchen was small, dark and didn’t mirror the rest of this fresh, spacious family home.

The clients’ initial discussions with Simon Foote Architects were insightful, and a clear plan of action was achieved. Opening up the rear of the property to create a visual and physical link to the outdoor space, embracing the views to the east and the west of the property as well as using the sun path through the rear garden to guide how the space should be arranged.

modern white kitchen with a flat and stretching over rooflight, filled with light

The owners had a defined style when furnishing their home, minimal and simple, but with one piece of furniture used as a focal point in each room. This was mirrored in the kitchen, with the large bespoke Eaves rooflight from Glazing Vision, acting as a focal point to the amazing views across the countryside.

Jenny Hunter, Studio Manager at Simon Foote Architects mentions “the design was formed around 3 elements: the views, the land levels, and pulling daylight into the centre of the house. Rooflights allowed us to draw light into the space as well as using them to link the space to the outdoors.”

The fixed Eaves Flushglaze roof light, measuring 4136mm (span) x 1347mm (width) x 2750mm (height), created a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors, thanks to the flush frameless design of the product.

The Glazing Vision Sliding Over Fixed roof light combines a sliding pane of glass that retracts over a fixed one. This combination was perfect for the homeowners, as it not only helped to fill their kitchen with natural daylight, but also improved natural ventilation and the connection with the outdoors, due to the retractable element of the product.

Further works to landscape an area between the kitchen and the pool house completes the scheme and creates a unique and exquisite composition to this modern family.

Despite being the first time working with Simon Foote Architects, Jenny Hunter mentioned that the team found “the Glazing Vision team were particularly knowledgeable” helping to keep the whole process simple and provide the perfect solution for their clients.

“We have extremely happy clients and that’s what it’s all about. We are pleased with the finished results as we have achieved a design that allows the clients to move through the space and experience the different views individually. This ensures that there is a layer of reveal to the design depending on where you are within the space.” Jenny Hunter, Simon Foote Architects.

Photography taken by: Matthew Jones Photography

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