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Project Details:


MD Builders


The client required rooflights for a pitched roof extension to an existing privately owned property in Jersey. The requirement was for a fixed dual pitched rooflight and an opening dual pitched rooflight to provide natural ventilation into the building. This was the first project undertaken in Jersey by our distributor MD Builders.


Both rooflights were installed on a 44 degree dual pitched roof. A rain sensor was also installed on the sliding rooflight in the event of rain the rooflight will close by itself.

Products & Dimensions

1 No. Standard Ridgeglaze Rooflight 2000mm x 900mm (return 1) x 900mm (return 2)

1 No. Bespoke Sliding Ridgeglaze, sliding over the roof 2000mm x 900mm (return 1) x 900mm (return 2), sliding in the 2000mm dimension

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