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Project Details:


The requirement was to open up a roof terrace for regular access while keeping the headroom right up to the point of exit. The client came direct to Glazing Vision having heard of our reputation through our European office.


The free standing box rooflight was shipped complete and pallated so that it could be lifted by crane straight onto the upstand.

Rain Sensor & Access Keypad, once the rain sensor is wet the rooflight closes. The keypad gives the user the opportunity to choose a unique code to open the rooflight from the outside to over ride the rain sensor.
Remote Control – for remote operation anywhere in the building.
Solenoid Security Bolts – an electronic bolt seal for extra security

Products & Dimensions

1 No. GV Standard Free Standing Box Rooflight 2400mm (span) x 2400mm (width) x 800 (height), one sliding section sliding over one fixed section.

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