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Project Details:


Lakehouse (www.lakehouseuk.com)


This philosophy began with early decisions during concept design, when commitment to a low carbon building and use of newly emerging technology was encouraged by an enlightened and supportive client.

CEREB and the new K2 building host many different forms of renewable energy efficient technologies. All of these are working to provide the services to the centre and 8,500m2 building below.

    • Solar Fibre Optics
    • Ground Source Heat Pump
    • Solar Hot Water
    • Photovoltaic’s (integrated into the GV Flushglaze)
    • Wind Turbines

The project total, worth £1.2m, included the use of Glazing Vision’s signature GV Flushglaze rooflight with an integrated PV cell component in order to generate electricity and enable a more eco-friendly building.


Glazing Vision supplied a number of GV Flushglaze rooflights with the added benefit of PV Cells. The PV Cells are an optional extra available on the GV Flushglaze, GV Sliding over Fixed rooflight and GV Box Rooflight ranges.

The benefit of PV Cells integrated into GV Rooflights is they act as solar panels to generate power which can be fed back into a buildings energy supply. Thus encouraging sustainable energy, saving money on utility bills and helping the environment. Every order for integrated PV cells is bespoke, and Glazing Vision are experts in designing rooflights which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also dual purpose.

The benefits from the GV PV cell integrated Flushglaze rooflight include the ability to allow light to shine in the lobby area of the building whilst simultaneously generating electricity.

Products & Dimensions

1No GV Flushglaze walk-on specification (6949mmx1033mm supplied in 4 sections of 1737mmx1033mm) with aluminium back to back angles at the join with wall abutment detail on 1No 6949mm dimension.

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