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Project Details:


2PM Architects

This period house backing onto Richmond Park needed the existing conservatory replaced at the rear of the property; 2PM architects followed the clients brief to both extend and improve the downstairs floor plan to provide an attractive, high quality living space which included a dining area, bespoke kitchen and children’s play area.

Glass and lighting to enrich living space

The use of glass and lighting across the entire project creates an extension that feels interconnected with the outdoors; the strong emphasis upon natural light has helped to enliven the interior and brighten corners that would typically have been cast in shadow.

Glazing Vision’s fixed Flushglaze rooflights were installed above the seating area and kitchen units; they help to dramatize these two main living spaces within such a large, open-plan extension. Their frameless finish in particular creates an uninterrupted, seamless flow between glass and ceiling.

2PM architects also chose to install up and down lighters within the reveals of each rooflight; this means that in the evenings the rooflights obtain a warm glow from the outside, whilst giving the comforting illusion of lighting up on the inside.

The focal point of the project is a completely frameless corner with large sliding glass doors that open up to the back garden. When the doors are opened the dark, contrasting ceiling appears to be suspended, standing alone from any steel framework beneath it. This unique feature highlights the architects’ attention to detail; the careful mergence of artificial lighting and glass materials throughout the project has created a consistent relationship between interior and exterior space.

Aesthetics and sustainable improvements

Each insulated double glazed unit was supplied as a single section to complement the overall aesthetic; therefore Glazing Vision’s engineers worked closely with 2PM architects to deliver bespoke fixed rooflight designs custom made to the correct size.

Not only did this increase the amount of light to flood the extension, but a colossal head height was created under each section of glass, approximately by 4 metres.  This enabled the glass rooflights to bring light even deeper into the living space.

The design also features a green roof; accompanied with thermally efficient glazing from the Flushglaze rooflights, this highly improves the thermal performance and insulation values for the extension, aswell as creating a great outlook from the bedrooms on the first floor.


The simplistic colour palette used throughout the design draws our attention to the solid pieces of oak furniture accompanied by strong overhead lighting, elements that carry weight for the entire space.

Two main walls have also been constructed with brick to soften the minimalist tones, bringing warmth and texture to the rear property.

2PM Architects’ have not only created an engaging and playful space, but carefully constructed sections within the project build that serve a purpose for the entire family.

The choice of positioning and materials used for the interior has helped to enhance exterior features of the property; the beautiful garden can now be viewed from every corner of the extension, bringing further enjoyment to the clients who can sit back and admire the views onto Richmond park.

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